Fly in Space Questions & Answers

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Fly in Space Questions & Answers

  • Newborn – recently born
  • Finding her wings – beginning to fly
  • Announced – to tell somebody your plan in a loud and serious manner
  • Astronaut – a person who travels and works in a spacecraft
  • Rotten – spoiled food that cannot be eaten or used
  • Space – the area outside the earth’s atmosphere where you will find other planets and stars
  • Goop – any sticky substance
  • Model – a person whose job is to wear and show new styles of clothes and accessories and be photographed wearing them    

Question 1: Who was Droso and where was he born?

Answer: Droso was a fruitfly and he was born on a rotten banana.

Question 2: Who was Phila?

Answer: Phila was Droso’s sister.

Question 3: Where did Droso fly right after his birth?

Answer: Right after his birth, Droso flied around at the rotten bananas. For the first time, he opened his wings and flapped them up and down very fast, 220 times in one second.

Question 4: What did Phila like to do?

Answer: Phila liked going up but not as much as she liked to pose. One leg here, two legs there and the other three over there. She posed in different ways. She wanted to be a model.

Question 5: Why was Richa busy?

Answer: Richa was an astronaut and in two weeks, she would sit in a rocket and shoot up into space. So, she was quite busy planning her trip to the space. 

Fly in Space Questions & Answers

Question 6: What was common between Richa and Droso?

Answer: Richa was not very different from Droso, the fruit fly. Droso and Richa both wanted to go to higher places. Flying to space had always been Richa’s dream. All Richa thought about was space only.

Question 7: State two facts about space from the chapter.

i. Space begins a hundred kilometres or so above the earth.
ii. It has no air to breathe and no ground to stand on. 

Question 8: Why did Richa take Droso and Phila to space?

Answer: Richa thought long and hard until she got very hungry. She reached for the fruit basket and she saw Droso and Phila, the fruit flies were buzzing around the fruit basket. She cried out they are perfect for space and She took Droso and Phila to space.

Question 9: Fill in the blanks.

(a) Richa did not want to take a sparrow to space because it eats too much.
(b) Droso flew higher and higher, until he hit the ceiling.
(c) Richa put the fruit flies in a jar.
(d) Richa was an astronaut.
(e) Phila became the first ever space model.

Question 10: Read the statement and answer the questions:

“She had been so busy planning her trip, that she hadn’t noticed the fruits rotting.”

(a) Who is referred to as ‘she’?
Answer: ‘She’ is referred to Richa.

(b) What trip was she planning for?
Answer: She was planning for a trip to space.

(c) Give the antonym of the word ‘rotting’.
Answer: The antonym of the word ‘rotting’ is improving or refreshing.

So, these were Fly in Space Questions & Answers.

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