Gulliver in Lilliput Questions & Answers

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Gulliver in Lilliput Questions & Answers

  • Groaning – moaning
  • Orator – public speaker
  • Ventured – attempted boldly
  • Submissive – humble
  • Frequently – often
  • Hogshead – a skin bag containing water
  • Wrench – out pull out
  • Daubed – dried with a short, quick movement
  • Striving – attempting
  • Potion – drug
  • Ingenious – clever

Gulliver in Lilliput Summary

This story is an excerpt from Gulliver’s Travels written by Jonathan Swift. In this story, Gulliver is the only survivor of the shipwreck and he swims to Lilliput, where he is tied up by people who are less than 6 inches tall. Earlier, the Lilliputians were very much afraid of him. Gulliver seems to them as a very strange person because he was huge and the Lilliputians were small. Later, people became familiar with him, they took care of his needs. Initially, the Lilliputians looked amiable but Gulliver soon understands that they are very ridiculous and petty creatures.

Gulliver in Lilliput Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was unique about the people of this land?

Answer: The people of that land were unique because all of them were too small in front of Gulliver.

Question 2: Read the statement and answer the questions:

“When I awoke, it was just daylight.”

(a) Who said this line?

Answer: Gulliver said this line.

(b) When the speaker awoke, what strange thing had happened to him?

Answer: When the speaker awoke, he found his arms, legs and hair fastened on each side.

(c) What was the thing that the speaker saw?

Answer: The first thing that the speaker saw was a human creature, six inches high, with a bow and arrow in his hands and quiver on his back.

Question 3: Why did the narrator decide to lie still?

Answer: The narrator preferred to lie still else he was being attacked with arrows and spears which was causing him grief and pain.

Question 4: Why does the narrator call the people ‘a most ingenious people’?

Answer: The narrator call the people ‘a most ingenious people’ because when they found that small quantity would not suffice him, they arranged for one of their largest hogshead for the narrator.

Question 5: Read the statement and answer the questions:

“Now, I thought it best to lie still.”

(a) Why was it best to lie still?

Answer: It was best to lie still else he being attacked with rounds of arrows and spears.

(b) What were the people around the speaker busy doing?

Answer: The people around the speaker were busy showering rounds of arrows on him that pricked him like needles.

(c) Describe the person who ‘mounted the stage’.

Answer: The person who mounted the stage appeared to be of middle age, and taller than any of the other three people who attended him.

So, these were Gulliver in Lilliput Questions & Answers.

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