Gautama Buddha Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Gautama Buddha Questions & Answers.

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Gautama Buddha Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was predicted about Siddhartha?

Answer: It was predicted about Siddhartha that he would either be a great king or a great spiritual leader.

Question 2: Why was the swan given to Siddhartha?

Answer: The swan was given to Siddhartha because he had saved its life.

Question 3: Why was Siddhartha’s marriage arranged?

Answer: When Siddhartha was quite young, he began to ask spiritual questions. In order to fill his mind, his father arranged his marriage.

Question 4: How should a man be judged?

Answer: A man should be judged only by his deeds.

Question 5: Who was Angulimal?

Answer: Angulimal was a serial killer.

Question 6: What did Gautama Buddha tell Angulimal to do?

Answer: Gautama Buddha told him to pluck a leaf from the tree. He did it easily. After then, Buddha told him to fix it again on the tree but he could not do so.

Question 7: How did Angulimal become Gautama Buddha’s disciple?

Answer: When Gautama Buddha made Angulimal realise that if he could not give life to anyone then he had no right to take his life. Angulimal fell on the feet of Gautama Buddha and became his disciple.

Question 8: What are the Noble Eight Fold Path of Wisdom?

Answer: The Noble Eight Fold Path of Wisdom are:

Right thought, Right desire, Right speech, Right conduct, Right way of living, Right effort, Right mindfulness and Right pleasure.

Question 9: What did Gautama Buddha decided for ordinary people?

Answer: For ordinary people, Gautama Buddha decided easier Five Fold Path.

  • They should not kill any creature.
  • They should not steal anything.
  • They should never tell a lie.
  • They should not loose their character.
  • They should not drink wine.

Question 10: How did Siddhartha decide to be a saint?

Answer: One day Siddhartha was riding out in his chariot. He saw a wrinkled old man. Another day, he went out and saw a sick man. Third time, he saw a funeral (dead man). These sights shocked him. He had no knowledge of sickness, old age or death. The charioteer explained him that sickness, old age and death are essential part of life. After some time, he saw a holy man with a radiant face. He decided to be a saint.

Question 11: How did Siddhartha become the Buddha, the Enlightened one?

Answer: One night Siddhartha left the palace and went to the forest. He wandered in the Himalayas and met many saints to know the truth of life. However, they could not satisfy him. He reached Gaya in Bihar and sat under a pipal tree for meditation. He continued his meditation for a long time. He saw light and had a vision of truth. He felt peace. Then, he became the Buddha, the Enlightened one.

Question 12: Choose the correct option:

(a) Where was Siddhartha Gautama born?

(i) Kapilvastu
(ii) Kushinagar  
(iii) Gaya
(iv) Bihar

(b) Siddhartha’s ________ died shortly after his birth.

(i) father
(ii) mother  
(iii) son
(iv) brother  

(c) What was flying in the sky?

(i) crow
(ii) parrot
(iii) swan
(iv) pigeon

(d) Who had a radiant face?

(i) old man
(ii) sick man
(iii) holy man
(iv) dead man  

(e) When did Siddhartha leave the palace?

(i) morning
(ii) evening
(iii) night
(iv) noon

(f) Gautama Buddha got knowledge under a ________ tree.

(i) pipal
(ii) banyan
(iii) mango
(iv) tamarind

(g) What is the name of religion founded by Gautama Buddha?

(i) Jainism
(ii) Sikhism  
(iii) Hinduism
(iv) Buddhism

(h) Monk should follow ________ fold path of wisdom.

(i) eight
(ii) seven
(iii) six
(iv) five

Question 13: Fill in the blanks:

1. Siddhartha was brought up in great luxury.
2. Suddenly a swan fell down.
3. Dev Dutta had injured the swan.
4. Princess Yasodhara was married to Siddharth.
5. He continued his meditation for a long time.
6. A new religion was founded by Lord Buddha.
7. He said to have pity for those who are in pain.
8. Lord Buddha converted his family to his way of life.

Question 14: Write the information regarding Siddhartha.

1. Birthplace – Kapilvastu
2. Mother’s name – Mahamaya
3. Father’s name – Suddhodana
4. Wife’s name – Yasodhara
5. Son’s name – Rahul  
6. Cousin’s name – Dev Dutta
7. The place where he got knowledge – Gaya
8. Religion founded – Buddhism
9. The place where he died – Kushinagar
10. He became famous as – Gautama Buddha

So, these were Gautama Buddha Questions & Answers.

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