Veer Hanuman Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Veer Hanuman Questions & Answers.

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Veer Hanuman Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where did Abhiraj go with his mother?

Answer: Abhiraj went to a temple with his mother.

Question 2: How did Hanuman get kundals?

Answer: Once a demon attacked Anjana, Hanuman’s mother when he was in her womb. When the weapon touched the body of Hanuman, it melted and transformed into a pair of Kundals. In this way, Hanuman got kundals.

Question 3: Why did Hanuman grab the sun?

Answer: One morning Hanuman was very hungry. He saw the rising sun and thought it to be a fruit. He leapt into the sky and grabbed the sun.

Question 4: What did Hanuman do to get knowledge?

Answer: Hanuman requested Suryadev to be his Guru. At first, he refused but due to his strong determination, he accepted him as his pupil. Hanuman had to fly before his chariot to get knowledge.

Question 5: How did Hanuman escape from Sursa?

Answer: While crossing the sea to reach Lanka, Hanuman faced Sursa. She wanted to eat him. Both had increased their sizes. At last, Hanuman became very small and entered into her mouth and came out from ear.

Question 6: Choose the correct option:

(a) Who was very happy in the class?

(i) Abhiraj
(ii) Anshu
(iii) Anchit
(iv) Aryan

(b) What is the weapon of Hanuman?

(i) Vajra
(ii) Gada
(iii) Chakra
(iv) Trishul

(c) Hanuman is the incarnation of Lord _________.

(i) Shiva
(ii) Vishnu
(iii) Brahma
(iv) Indra

(d) Who came to save the sun from Hanuman?

(i) Shiva
(ii) Vishnu
(iii) Brahma
(iv) Indra  

(e) Who was Guru of Hanuman?

(i) Chandradev
(ii) Suryadev
(iii) Brahmadev
(iv) Indradev

(f) Which garden was destroyed by Hanuman?

(i) Pushpa Vatika
(ii) Ravana Vatika
(iii) Sita Vatika
(iv) Ashoka Vatika  

(g) Who met Hanuman while crossing the sea?

(i) Ravana
(ii) Meghanad
(iii) Sursa
(iv) Surpanakha

Question 7: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Abhijit bought a picture of Hanuman – False
2. Kesari was the monkey king – True
3. Hanuman was very naughty in childhood – True
4. Hanuman put the setting sun into his mouth – False
5. There is a mountain on the head of Hanuman – False
6. The whole body of Hanuman is black – False
7. There is an image of Ram and Sita in the chest of Hanuman – True

Question 8: Fill in the blanks:

1. Suddenly he saw the rising sun.
2. There was darkness everywhere.
3. He is popularly known as Hanuman.
4. He was very powerful due to blessing of God.
5. He was also naughty like other children.
6. Ram and Sita were present in his heart.
7. Sita used vermilion for the well-being of Ram.

So, these were Veer Hanuman Questions & Answers.

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