Nachiketa Questions & Answers

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Nachiketa Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who was Nachiketa?

Answer: Nachiketa was the son of the king Vajasarwa.

Question 2: What was the purpose of the Yagya?

Answer: The purpose of the Yagya was to please God.

Question 3: Why was Nachiketa surprised?

Answer: Nachiketa was surprised at the work of charity. The king was supposed to give away all his dear and near belongings in charity to make the yagya successful but the priests were being given old and barren cattle.

Question 4: What did Nachiketa suggest to make the Yagya successful?

Answer: To make Yagya successful, Nachiketa suggested his father that he should give his son (Nachiketa) in charity.

Question 5: Why had Nachiketa to wait for Yama?

Answer: Nachiketa had to wait for Yama because he was not there and would return after three days.

Question 6: Who told Nachiketa to go back on the earth?

Answer: Lord Yama told Nachiketa to go back on the earth as his life was very long.

Question 7: Who said this to whom?

1. “Stop giving these cattle to the priests.”

Answer: Nachiketa said to ministers.

2. “You should give your near and dear belongings in charity.”

Answer: Nachiketa said to Vajasarwa.

3. “I give you to Yama.”

Answer: Vajasarwa said to Nachiketa.

4. “Lord Yama is not here.”

Answer: Guard said to Nachiketa.

5. “I enjoyed all your good deeds.”

Answer: Nachiketa said to Yama.

6. “Your life is very long.”

Answer: Yama said to Nachiketa.

7. “I want to know about the creation of this world.”

Answer: Nachiketa said to Yama.

Question 8: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Nachiketa was an obedient son – True
2. Nachiketa performed a Yagya – False
3. The priests were being given old cattle – True
4. Yama told Nachiketa to wait for three days – False
5. Yama fulfilled the third wish of Nachiketa – True
6. Nachiketa became free from the sorrow of the world – True
7. Yama was pleased with the answer of Nachiketa – True

Question 9: Fill in the blanks:

1. Many priests performed the Yagya.
2. Old cattle were given in charity.
3. The king was angry at his son’s words.
4. Nachiketa enjoyed good deeds of Yama for three days.
5. Yama granted three boons to Nachiketa.
6. Nachiketa received the highest knowledge of the universe.
7. Nachiketa wanted to know the truth about life after death.

So, these were Nachiketa Questions & Answers.

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