God Is A Chef Questions & Answers

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In this poem, the poet is trying to depict that the way God has created everybody on the earth is no way less than a chef. He has carefully created every human being with ingredients like love, sincerity, passion, dedication, etc. just like a chef who is particular about his recipes that what he wants to add in a particular dish and what not. In the same manner, God is certain about what he has made.

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God Is A Chef Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Mindful – aware of
  • Marinade – soak
  • Knead – squeeze with hands
  • Gusto – enthusiasm
  • Charisma – charm
  • Garnish – decorate
  • Extolled – praised highly
  • Wisdom – knowledge
  • Courtesy – politeness
  • Virtue – morality

Question 1: What does the sign in heaven’s kitchen say?

Answer: The sign of heaven’s kitchen warns the reader to beware of the lichen and flying whisk.

Question 2: Name the first ingredient of the recipe. What quantity of it should be used?

Answer: The first ingredient of the recipe is enthusiasm and it should be used in quantity of 5 ounces.

Question 3: Why do you think inspiration is peppered on top?

Answer: Inspiration is peppered on top because inspiration is what makes a person aspire for great achievement.

Question 4: Why is the recipe special?

Answer: The recipe is special because it combines all the qualities that make a good human being.

Question 5: Who or what has been made in heaven’s kitchen?

Answer: This is the recipe to make a special human being.

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