The Measure Of My Powers Questions & Answers

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The Measure Of My Powers Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Welts – red, raised marks on the skin
  • Sedatives – medicines inducing sleep
  • Compresses – pieces of cloth pressed to relieve inflammation
  • Physic – medicine
  • Mayonnaise – a thick, creamy sauce
  • Despair – sorrow and anguish
  • Complimentary – appreciative
  • Autocratic – absolute
  • Enticing – temptingly inviting
  • Intuitions – instinct

Question 1: When did the author cook for the first time? What was the result?

Answer: The author cooked for the first time for her mother, after her baby brother David was born. Her mother had an allergic reaction to the food and itchy red welts broke out all over her body.

Question 2: How was her ‘professional pride’ hurt?

Answer: Her professional pride was hurt by the medical attention her mother needed after she had eaten the food cooked by the author.

Question 3: Describe the author and her sister’s experience of eating the egg curry.

Answer: The author had made the egg curry on an evening when her parents were out. She served it to herself and her sister Anne. However, Anne found it too hot after eating the first few spoonfuls. Despite the trouble had been eating the egg curry, they finished most of it. They were afraid that their father would find out about the curry thrown away in the garbage pail. They had to sit in the bathroom with their mouthful of mineral oil. The curry gave them blisters inside their mouths.

Question 4: Describe mother’s Saturday morning baking routine.

Answer: Author’s mother spent every Saturday morning baking cakes. They were piled high with icings. They were filled with crushed almonds, chopped currants and outrageous number of calories.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions that follow.

The pudding was safe.

(a) What does the author mean by these words?

Answer: By these words, the author means that the pudding was safe to eat and would not make anyone fall ill.

(b) Describe the pudding the author made.

Answer: The author had prepared a little round white shuddering milky thing that had set correctly. The author decorated it with ten ripe blackberries arranged in a perfect circle.

(c) Under whose supervision did the author make the pudding?

Answer: The author made the pudding under the supervision of Miss. Faulck.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions that follow:

…and partly because of that and partly because Grandmother had died, we began to eat more richly.

(a) What is ‘that’ referred to here?

Answer: ‘That’ refers to the fact that they owned a cow and chicken and thus, ate well.

(b) What is the connection between the death of the author’s grandmother and the family eating richly since?

Answer: The author’s grandmother had a sensitive stomach and did not like to experiment with food. Thus, it was only after her death that the family cooked rich food and experiment with their palates.

(c) What ‘rich’ food would the author’s family eat?

Answer: The author’s family ate rich puddings and mayonnaise. They also ate cakes that her mother baked every Saturday.

Question 7: Write a character sketch of the author from what you have read in the excerpt.

Answer: The author had deep interest in food and cooking. Her desire to help her mother and her respect for her father showed that she loved and cared for her family. She was a voracious reader of cookbooks which shows her will to learn. She was not afraid to experiment and failed attempts could not alter her from try out her ideas. She was confident and proud of her cooking.

So, these were The Measure Of My Powers Questions & Answers.

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