Frank’s Adventure in Toyland Questions & Answers

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Frank’s Adventure in Toyland Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Gloogumphest look like?

Answer: Gloogumphest had a head shaped like a conical gum-bottle. He wore a tin helmet on his head with a hole on top, from which the handle of a brush protruded. Gloogumphest’s body was covered in paste and he carried a steaming glue-pot in his hand.

Question 2: What did Gloogumphest think about Frank?

Answer: Gloogumphest thought that Frankwas a toy and had come to Toyland to be mended. He thought that Frank was a Jack-in-the-box that has come loose.

Question 3: What was Frank reminded of when Gloogumphest talked of children’s cruelty towards toys?

Answer: Frank was reminded of how he had collected a lot of wooden doll’s legs by ripping them off his sister’s dolls.

Question 4: What did Gloogumphest say his role was in the doll’s hospital?

Answer: Gloogumphest said that he was the surgeon at the doll’s hospital. He treated broken toys. He also invited Frank to come to the hospital.

Question 5: In the wooden doll’s ward Frank was_________

Answer: Recognized and angrily chased by his sister’s dolls.

Question 6: How did Frank escape from Toyland?

Answer: Frank escaped from Toyland by running as fast as he could till he reached a ravine. He saw a stout creeper going up a cliff and used it to reach the top.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

“I am not a toy, I am a boy”, answered Frank.

(a) Why does Frank need to clarify the fact that he is human?

Answer: Frank needed to clarify the fact that he was human because he was in Toyland, which was populated by toys and not humans.

(b) Do you think this fact helped him in the end?

Answer: No, this fact did not help him in the end. He was recognized as a boy and chased angrily by all the dolls he had injured by ripping off their legs.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

A figure with a shock of rough hair, two huge button-like eyes and a fiery complexion, sprang out of the box, trembling with excitement and anger.

(a) Who is this figure?

Answer: This figure is a Jack-in-the-box.

(b) Why did he spring out of the box?

Answer: He sprang out of the box because Frank sat on it.

(c) Why is he trembling with excitement? What do these words imply?

Answer: He is trembling with excitement because Frank sat on his box. These words indicate that he is extremely angry.

Question 9: Do you think Frank was a bully? What did Toyland teach him?

Answer: Yes, I think Frank was a bully. He had damaged his sister’s dolls and he must have forcefully taken her toys by bullying her.
Toyland teaches Frank how cruel it is to cause harm and injury. He seems to be changed by the experience and promises that he will not be cruel again.

Question 10: Who according to you is the most interesting character in the story? Why?

Answer: I think Gloogumphest is the most interesting character in the story. He is quite dedicated in his job. At the same time, he does not treat Frank badly. Rather, he invites him on a tour of a hospital. He is intelligent and knows that if Frank saw the state of the toys, he will probably repent and that is what happens at the end. Frank promises Gloogumphest that he will never be a wicked boy again.

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