Grandpa’s Tree Questions & Answers

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Grandpa’s Tree Questions & Answers

Question 1: When Eric looked at the oak tree, he imagined how his grandfather must have planted it. What was the picture of Grandpa that came to his mind?

Answer: Erik imagined his thin Grandpa leaning over a hole in the ground, a bucket by his side with the sapling in it, gently parting the earth. Erik knew that his Grandpa would have finished the job neatly and then brought over his lawn chair to sit and admire his work for a few hours.

Question 2: What was Eric looking for when he rolled over to the bottom of the tree? Did he find it?

Answer: Erik was looking for a peg in the tree, at the place where he usually started his climb. He found it, but it was out of his reach because he was now in a wheelchair.

Question 3: List the steps Eric takes to make his climb possible.

Answer: Erik hammered a few more pegs at lower heights. As he did this, he planned his route up the tree. He reached for the first peg and pulled himself off his wheelchair. Putting one hand after the other on the pegs, he managed to pull himself up all the way. He then leaned his back against the trunk. He lifted his left leg and then his right leg up and over to the correct position to sit.

Question 4: Here a few sentences from the story. Read them carefully. What do these sentences tell us? Choose the best answer from the given options. More than one option can be correct.

(a) Knowing Grandpa, he would have finished the job neatly, then brought over his lawn chair and sat and admired his work for a few hours, smiling and watching the tree grow.

i. Eric had lived with his grandfather for several years – he knew his mannerisms well.
ii. Eric’s grandfather did not know that trees take a long time to grow.
iii. Eric missed his grandfather.

Answer: i, iii

(b) His mother began to cry. She pointed at Eric’s wheelchair and said, “That tree is coming down – tomorrow!” and ran from the room, Eric’s dad just cleared his throat and shrugged.

i. Eric’s mother was very angry at the tree.
ii. Eric’s dad did not want to help Eric.
iii. Eric’s mother did not actually want the tree to be cut.

Answer: i, ii

(c) “Grandpa would have loved what you did today,” mother said, She said so because

i. Eric had saved a tree.
ii. Eric had shown how he could prove his point intelligently.
iii. Eric had encouraged his mother to climb the tree.

Answer: i, ii, iii

Question 5: Eric decided to climb the tree because he did not want the men to cut it. Do you agree with the method he used to get people to listen to him? Give reasons. Is there any other way he could have used to stop felling the tree?

Answer: Yes, Eric chose a wise method to prove his point. It is unlikely that any other method would have worked. Eric quickly realized that his mother would never agree to let the tree stay and knew something drastic had to be done. By climbing the tree though he was in a wheelchair, Eric managed to prove his point intelligently. He also managed to get his mother to climb the tree so that she could see for herself why it was so special to him.

Question 6: Eric’s mother thinks that the tree is the cause for his paralysis. Is this true? Discuss your views.

Answer: No, the tree wasn’t the cause for Erik’s paralysis. What happened was an accident. It is not right to blame the tree and cut it down for something that wasn’t its fault.

So, these were Grandpa’s Tree Questions & Answers.

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