The Clothesline Questions & Answers

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Written by Charlotte Druitt Cole, the poetess describes the clothes on a clothesline in a very imaginative way.
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The Clothesline Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Restive – restless, fidgety, unable to remain still
  • Caper – leap, skip or dance about in a lively, playful manner
  • Prance – walk or move with high, springy steps
  • Wildly – Here, it means very hard, violently
  • Pegs – pins used to secure something in place, as for example, clothes on a clothesline

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) According to the poet, where had the handkerchief gone

i. drowning in the ocean
ii. hiding in a ditch
iii. with someone else
iv. under a tree

(b) “I saw her gleam like a sail in the sun.” who is she referred to?

i. the shirt
ii. the peg
iii. the handkerchief
iv. the cloth

(c) Which month was it

i. February
ii. March
iii. April
iv. May

Question 2: What is described in the poem?

Answer: The poetess has described the fluttering and dancing clothes hanging on the clothesline. She has also described the struggle of a handkerchief to free itself from the clothesline.

Question 3: What are the clothes compared to? Give two examples.

Answer: The clothes are compared to white snow, restive horses, fairy-tale witches and a bird.

Question 4: What do restive horses do?

Answer: The restive horses caper and prance which means they dance in a lively manner and walk with high, springy steps.

Question 5: What do fairy-tale witches do?

Answer: The fairy-tale witches dance wildly.

Question 6: What did one of the fluttering creatures do?

Answer: One of the fluttering creatures danced excitedly or struggled wildly, till it was free. Then it left all the pegs and clothes-line behind and flew like a bird.

Question 7: What could have happened to the one who flew away? Who was she?

Answer: The one who flew away could have hidden in a ditch or drowned in the sea. She was the poetess’ handkerchief.

Question 8: Why are the clothes compared to living things?

Answer: The clothes are compared to living things because they seem to enjoy and have fun just like living things do when the weather is good.

Question 9: List the rhyming words from the poem.

Answer: Row-fro, go-snow, prance-dance, sun-fun.

Question 10: List all the phrases from the poem in which two or more words are joined with ‘and’.


  • Hither and thither
  • To and fro
  • Caper and prance
  • Shiver and skip
  • Pegs and clothesline
  • Flipping and flapping and flopping

So, these were The Clothesline Questions & Answers.

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