A Kabaddi Match Questions & Answers

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A Kabaddi Match Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Scheduled – arranged to happen at a particular time
  • Outstanding – excellent
  • Spectator – a person who is watching an event
  • Boost the morale of the team – encourage the team
  • Ace – very good
  • Proved his mettle – proved that he is good at doing something by succeeding in a difficult situation
  • Inched towards – moved towards something very slowly and gradually
  • Lona – extra points
  • Set the head reeling – make someone very shocked and upset
  • Enviable – something that is so good that the other people want it
  • Outplayed – played better than the opponent
  • Suppleness – ability to bend and move easily

Question 1: When was the school sports meet scheduled?

Answer: The school sports meet was scheduled next month.

Question 2: What led to the hopes of class 9A soaring?

Answer: The inclusion of three new students in the class who were outstanding kabaddi players led to the hopes of class 9A soaring.

Question 3: How did the spectators boost the morale of both the teams?

Answer: When the match started, all the spectators clapped and boosted the morale of both the teams.

Question 4: Who won the toss and sent whom as a raider?

Answer: 9 A won the toss and sent Govind as their raider.

Question 5: How was the first point of the game scored?

Answer: The raider Govind from 9 Awas so swift that before the opponents realized it, he had touched Suresh from 9 B, and was already heading home. That is how the first point was scored.

Question 6: From whom all the players were afraid of?

Answer: All the players were afraid of Ravi from 9 B. He wasa very strong player and was alone sufficient to catch hold of any player so tightly in between his legs twisted like scissors that releasing oneself from his grip was next to impossible.

Question 7: How did Mangesh prove his mettle?

Answer:  With the anti-raiders catching hold of his waist and legs, Mangesh was on the ground. Slowly, he inched towards his court. All the anti-raiders with all their might were trying their best to pull him back. But with great determination, and without losing his breath, Mangesh successfully touched the midline. He had not only saved himself but was also able to score three points for his team as Ravi, Mohan and Ajinkya who were holding him were also declared out. That is how Mangesh proved his mettle.

A Kabaddi Match Questions & Answers

Question 8: What qualities of 9 A helped them in outplaying 9 B?

Answer: 9 A team spirit, confidence, strategies, swiftness and suppleness helped them to beat 9 B who had never tasted defeat earlier.

Question 9: List all the words specially used in the game of Kabaddi.

Answer: Words specially used in the game of Kabaddi are – raid, raiders, anti-raiders, tag, lona and midline.

Question 10: Describe in your own words the important events in the first half.

Answer: The match began with 9A winning the toss. They sent their raider Govind who swiftly touched Suresh from 9B and scored a point. Then 9B sent their raider, ace player Ravi. He wrestled down Mangesh, a strong player from 9A. However, Mangesh saved himself. He scored 3 points for his team as Ravi, Mohan and Ajinkya, who were holding him were declared out. Then, Mihir from 9B managed to tag Sohan from 9A. After this came Vivek’s raid. The remaining three players from 9B caught his arm and tried to pull him back, but he went across the midline with the anti-raiders hanging onto his arm. Thus, the whole of 9B team was declared out.

Question 11: Write in your own words what happened in the second half?

Answer: In the second half, the 9A team was full of confidence. Once again, they managed to catch hold of the ace raiders – Mohan, Ajinkya and Ravi and won the match.

Question 12: Answer the following in one word:

(a) In which country did Kabaddi originate – India
(b) Which class won the match – 9A
(c) How many members are there in each team – seven
(d) What is the person sent across to the other team called – raider
(e) What word does the raider have to chant – Kabaddi
(f) What is the term for ‘bonus’ or ‘extra’ points – Lona

Question 13: Write true or false:

(a) There were 3 new students in class 9B – False
(b) The toss was won by 9A – True
(c) Ravi was an ace player – True
(d) Suresh was the first to score a point – False
(e) Vivek was from 9B – False
(f) Mangesh scored 3 points for his team – True

Question 14: Write down the names of the players and say whether each one belongs to 9A or 9B.


Players from 9APlayers from 9B
Govind, MangeshSuresh, Ravi
SohanMohan, Vinod
VivekAjinkya, Mihir

Question 15: What are the qualities to excel at Kabaddi?

Answer: To excel at Kabaddi, one requires good health, muscular strength, strategic skills, a lot of practice and above all great determination.

So, these were A Kabaddi Match Questions & Answers.