The Night The Bed Fell Questions & Answers

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The Night The Bed Fell Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

(a) The narrator’s mother didn’t want Father to sleep in the attic bed because

Answer: the old wooden bed was wobbly and if it fell, the heavy headboard would come crashing down on Father’s head and kill him.

(b) _________would usually sleep in the attic bed.

Answer: Grandfather

(c) Briggs Beall believed that he might die of suffocation while sleeping if

Answer: he was not awakened every hour during the night.

(d) Herman would sometimes_______in his sleep.

Answer: sing

(e) The narrator’s room was next to_________

Answer: his mother’s and Herman’s.

(f)__________woke up last in the house that night.

Answer: Father

Question 2: What does the family’s calm over the disappearance of Grandfather hint at?

Answer: The family’s calm over the disappearance of Grandfather hints at the fact that it is such a common place occurrence that they had ceased to worry about it.

Question 3: Why does the narrator claim to be a light sleeper?

Answer: The narrator claims to be a light sleeper to assure Briggs that if anyone in his room stopped breathing, he would wake instantly.

Question 4: What does Briggs Beall do in panic?

Answer: Briggs Beall in panic, pours the glass of camphor over himself. Then, unable to breathe, he goes towards a closed window and breaks the glass of the window pane to take in fresh air.

Question 5: How do Roy and Rex add to the story’s humour?

Answer: Roy keeps asking questions and Rex keeps barking. The latter does not like Briggs and has to be kept from jumping on him.

Question 6: Which line in the story tells us that the narrator’s family has a tendency to jump to dramatic conclusions?

Answer: The line ‘He’s dying’, uttered by the narrator’s mother tells us that the narrator’s family has a tendency to jump to dramatic conclusions. The narrator saying, ‘I think I had the nightmarish belief that I was entombed in a mine’, is another example. ‘He (Father) decided that the house was on fire’ is yet another example.

Question 7: How does the confusion get sorted out eventually?

Answer: The confusion got sorted out when the narrator at last finds the light switch in his room and when Father is seen to be safe and sound and the situation is ‘finally put together like a giant jigsaw puzzle’.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

Always a deep sleeper, slow to arouse (I had lied to Briggs), I was at first unconscious of what had happened when the iron cot rolled me onto the floor and toppled over on me.

(a) Why had the narrator lied to Briggs Beall?

Answer: The narrator had lied to Briggs Beall to Briggs to assure him that if Briggs ceased to breathe, he (the narrator) would be instantly aware of it.

(b) How did the iron cot roll the narrator onto the floor?

Answer: The narrator rolled too far to one side of the iron cot and it tipped over, bringing the whole bed down and rolling the narrator onto the floor.

(c) How did this development become a turning point in the story?

Answer: This development caused the narrator’s mother to believe that the bed in the attic in which Father was sleeping had fallen down, as she had feared it would. This fear leads to all the subsequent confusion with each member of the family waking up and drawing various conclusions about what had happened.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

The situation was finally put together like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle.

(a) What ‘situation’ is referred to here?

Answer: The ‘situation’ is the incident of the narrator’s bed falling down on top of him and all the ensuing confusion.

(b) How did the situation lead to the chaos and humour in the house? Explain briefly.

Answer: Chaos and humour were caused by each member of the family thinking a different thing had happened. Mother thought Father was dying. Briggs thought he was dying, the narrator thought he was entombed, Herman thought Mother was hysterical and Father thought the house was on fire.

So, these were The Night The Bed Fell Questions & Answers.

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