Three Letters Questions & Answers

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Three Letters Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Detest – dislike very much
  • Ruin – destruction or severe damage to someone or something
  • Spark – an event that causes something important to develop
  • (Come) out of his shell – to stop being shy and begin to confidently lead his life
  • Manifested – made obvious and easy to notice or understand
  • Concede – admit that something is true
  • Pursuit – something that you engage in regularly

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) M K Gandhi informed Fred Campbell that what he did not like about the British was

i. their culture.
ii. their system of governance in India.
iii. the fact that they had been ruling over Indians for such a long time.

(b) The school principal, Duncan Coleman, wrote the letter to Alfred Hitchcock

i. to thank him for stopping by at his school and encouraging a shy student.
ii. to inform him of the love and respect he gets from the students of his school.
iii. to tell him that he should make more such visits to schools to inspire students.

(c) Albert Einstein admitted to the young girl, Phyllis, that scientists

i. do pray.
ii. can never be convinced about a higher spirit governing the universe.
iii. themselves are not sure of the forces operating in the universe.

Question 2: Complete the sentences:

(a) M K Gandhi says that his love is ‘not an exclusive affair’ to explain

Answer: that he does not hate the British and that he loves everyone.

(b) The two things that Alfred Hitchcock gave to the schoolboy were

Answer: a drawing and his autograph.

(c) The unexpected response of the schoolboy on receiving the gifts from Alfred Hitchcock suggests that

Answer: sometimes it takes just a spark to help a youngster out of his shell and on the road to confidence.

(d) Phyllis asked if it is possible for a person to believe in both

Answer: science and religion.

(e) Albert Einstein wrote that the widespread belief in the ultimate spirit remains even though

Answer: there are achievements in science.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

That love which is blind is no love, that love which shuts its eyes to the faults of loved ones is partial and even dangerous.

(a) Who writes these words and to whom?

Answer: M.K Gandhi writes these words to Fred Campbell.

(b) Explain this line in your own words: “That love which is blind is no love.”

Answer: It means that love which closes its eyes to people’s faults is not real love.

(c) What can happen when we ignore the faults of loved ones?

Answer: Ignoring the faults of loved ones is not good for them. a child thus pampered is likely to grow up into a spoilt and selfish human being.

Question 4: What do you think Fred Campbell’s reaction might have been when he read the letter?

Answer: Fred Campbell would probably have been impressed by M.K Gandhi’s clear explanation of his attitude towards the British and his separation of people from politics.

So, these were Three Letters Questions & Answers.

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