Under A Telephone Pole Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Under A Telephone Pole Questions & Answers.

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Under A Telephone Pole Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) When is the copper wire relatively free from work?

i. during the day
ii. at night
iii. never

(b) The copper wire in the poem is given human attributes and qualities. Name the literary device the poet uses to achieve this.

i. simile
ii. personification
iii. imagery

Question 2: Explain the imagery in the first two lines of the poem.

Answer: The copper wire, hung in the air, is described as so slender that it does not even cast a shadow.

Question 3: Pick a line from the poem which says the copper wire:

(a) Is very thin

Answer: Slim against the sun I make not even a clear line of shadow.

(b) Keeps working despite extreme weather conditions.

Answer: In the rain and the wet dripping, in the dawn and the shine drying.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

Night and day I keep singing – humming and thrumming.

(a) Why does the copper wire have to work day and night?

Answer: The copper wire has to work day and night because people are conversing over telephone lines day and night.

(b) Explain the line in your own words.

Answer: For the twenty-four hours, the phone lines are vibrating with people speaking around the globe.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

Death and laughter of men and women pass through me, carrier of your speech.

(a) Where is the speaker positioned?

Answer: The speaker is slung in the air.

(b) How can ‘death and laughter of men and women’ pass through the speaker?

Answer: The sad and happy telephone conversations of millions of speakers pass through telephone lines.

(c) Who is ‘your’ used for?

Answer: ‘Your’ refers to us – all of us, throughout the world, who make and receive telephone calls.

Question 6: Has the telephone wire entirely lost its significance due to modern technological advancement? Is it a good thing?

Answer: Yes, with the coming of mobiles, the old-fashioned telephone is no longer as significant as it used to be. Besides, people communicate rapidly through email and do not have to keep making calls. Landlines have not completely become obsolete but are certainly a dying breed. There is nothing wrong with that except that cell-phone usage tends to be obsessive unlike the far more controlled use of the good old telephone.

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