Half a Gift Questions & Answers

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Half a Gift Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Wobbly – shaky, unsteady
  • Frantic – wildly excited
  • A nickel – a five-cent coin
  • Stoking – adding coal or other solid fuel to the stove
  • Wistful – thoughtful and rather sad
  • Scooted around – constantly changed direction
  • Mystified – utterly confused
  • Exasperated – irritated
  • Trudged – walk slowly with heavy steps
  • Bauble – a decorative piece of jewellery
  • Vexed – annoyed

Question 1: Choose the correct answer:

(a) The story tells us that________

Answer: Love lies in sharing pains.

(b) Mother smiling was well worth waiting for because she would smile______

Answer: In spite of her misfortunes.

(c) Father asked the boys to pick their gifts carefully because he______

Answer: Wanted them to buy something which showed love and care.

(d) Mother was disappointed with Nick’s gift because she________

Answer: Disliked the thing she would need the gift for.

(e) Father thought that Nick had got a fine gift because______

Answer: He knew Nick wanted to make his mother’s life easier.

(f) The real gift for Mother was________

Answer: Sharing her labour with care.

Question 2: Why did Joe call his Father smart?

Answer: Joe’s father handled the situation very wisely when mother didn’t appreciate Nick’s gift. Father told mother that it was only half the gift, part of the gift was that Nick was going to wash the floor from now on. So, Joe called his father smart.

Question 3: Why did Nick pale when Father asked Joe to show his gift?

Answer: Nick knew that if Joe will give his beautiful comb decorated with stones as a gift to mother, his gift will lose its importance and charm once again, so Nick paled when Father asked Joe to show his gift.

Question 4: How did Joe prove to be unexpectedly understanding?

Answer: Joe did not give his mother the beautiful comb he had got instead, he said that he paid half the money for the scrub pail. He lied to maintain the charm of his brother’s gift, which proves that he was very understanding though he was merely ten years old.

Question 5: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘No’, I said, ‘I didn’t’. I wanted no credit for what was not mine. ‘But my present will make up for it’.

What had the speaker not said or thought of? How would his present make up for it?

Answer: The whole idea of buying gift for mother was of Nick so Joe didn’t want any credit for that. He was sure that his gift would be liked by his mother, so he said – “My present will make up for it.”

Question 6: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘No, we won’t’, said Nick. ‘I have more money than you.’

What would they not do? Why did Nick have more money?

Answer: They were not going to buy the same gifts as Nick had more money than Joe because he didn’t spend his money on candy. He was determined to spend all his money on the gift for mother.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘Women sometimes don’t see how to escape their burdens. They escape in pretty baubles than lighter work.’

Explain what Father means by these words.

Answer: Father meant by these words that it is the nature of women that they can carry the burden of work easily rather than reduce it. If they have to choose between pretty ornaments or a reduction in their burdens, they will choose ornaments.

So, these were Half a Gift Questions & Answers.

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