Handwriting Questions & Answers

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Handwriting Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. Our handwriting is as personal as our fingerprints.
2. Handwriting is a mirror of a person’s personality.
3. Narrow-minded people lack imagination.
4. Handwriting must be written on a piece of plain paper.
5. The happy news is that by changing your handwriting you can change your life.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Our handwriting is as personal as our __________.

(a) shirts
(b) pens
(c) fingerprints

2. __________ is the study of handwriting.

(a) Graphology
(b) Astrology
(c) Neurology

3. Consistent strokes in handwriting denote a logical, well-ordered ___________.

(a) mind
(b) heart
(c) stomach

4. Narrow-minded people lack __________.

(a) clothes
(b) imagination
(c) money

5. Your __________ records your development from childhood onwards.

(a) percentage
(b) creativity
(c) handwriting

6. By changing your handwriting, you can change your ________.

(a) pen
(b) life
(c) school

Question 3: Just mention any four characteristics of handwriting and what each denotes:

1. Spacing – It denotes the state of the mind.
2. Margins – sense of proportion
3. Speed – amount of energy
4. Style – arrangement of things in life

Question 4: How personal is a person’s handwriting?

Answer: A person’s handwriting is as personal as his fingerprints.

Question 5: What is graphology? What does it maintain?

Answer: Graphology is the study of handwriting. It maintains that content of what you write can be mastered, but the amount of pressure which you exert while writing reveals your emotional state.

Question 6: What do different features of handwriting reveal?

Answer: Different features of a person’s handwriting reveal different characteristics of his personality. For example, spacing reveals the state of our mind – whether it is peaceful or angry, at rest or active; margins dictate our sense of proportion, how we see things in our daily life; speed of writing indicates the amount of energy the writer commands; style of writing indicates the way he would like to arrange his things and life; slope of writing reveals the degree of his affections; and size of letters shows the power of concentration. Similarly, terminal strokes reveal how generous or mean a person is; capital letters indicate personal tastes while small letters reflect the level of mental development.

Question 7: How helpful can graphology be in ascertaining a person’s personality?

Answer: The personality of a person can be assessed with the help of his handwriting to some extent. Graphology is not yet a perfect science, as identical features can result in different interpretations. For example, varying size of letters can show disorderliness of a person’s life; at the same time, it can show that he is open to new ideas and can interpret them in different ways.

Question 8: What type of approach should be taken in interpreting a person’s handwriting?

Answer: A holistic approach should be taken in interpreting a person’s handwriting.

Question 9: What is the happy news about handwriting?

Answer: The happy news is that by changing your handwriting, one can also bring changes in your life. Your hidden talents can be discovered and put to positive use if you cultivate proper writing styles. Your weak points can be detected and removed with an analysis of your handwriting.

Question 10: What should you do to your handwriting if you want to cultivate your personality well?

Answer: If you want to cultivate your personality well, just pay attention to adequate spacing between letters and words, rounded shape of letters, well-shaped strokes, uniform size of letters and proper margins. Make sure not to forget about the tidiness of the paper.

So, these were Handwriting Questions & Answers.

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