Ivan Matveyitch Questions & Answers

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Ivan Matveyitch Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. Ivan Matveyitch, a young man of eighteen.
2. Ivan Matveyitch is in breathless haste, and scrupulously to the study.
3. Ivan Matveyitch goes through the hall and the drawing-room to the study.
4. Ivan Matveyitch smoothes his bristling cropped hair and takes up his pen.
5. The maidservant brings in a tray with two glasses of tea on it.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Pyotr Danilitch recommends a _________ for the man of learning.

(a) secretary
(b) servant
(c) hawker

2. Ivan Matveyitch was a young man of _______.

(a) thirty one
(b) twenty
(c) eighteen

3. Ivan Matveyitch smoothes his bristling cropped ________ and takes up his pen.

(a) hair
(b) eyes
(c) shirt

4. The maidservant brings in a tray with two glasses of ______ on it.

(a) coffee
(b) tea
(c) milk

5. The man of learning dictates another _______ lines.

(a) ten
(b) forty
(c) twenty

6. Ivan Matveyitch sits down and ______ broadly.

(a) cries
(b) smiles
(c) laughs

Question 3: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. The man of learning hated his assistant for his late-coming – True
2. The man of learning fired Ivan when he came – False
3. Ivan Matveyitch was dressed meticulously – True
4. The two men worked more than they talked – False
5. Ivan Matveyitch had to drop out of school through family circumstances – True
6. Ivan Matveyitch wanted to stay in the workplace because it was cosy – False

Question 4: For whom was the man of learning waiting?

Answer: The man of learning was waiting for Ivan Matveyitch.

Question 5: What did the man of learning complain to his wife?

Answer: The man of learning complained to his wife about the late arrival of Ivan Matveyitch.

Question 6: What did his wife say in response to his complaint?

Answer: In response to his complaint, his wife said that he says that daily and yet Ivan Matveyitch goes on coming and coming.

Question 7: Who was Ivan Matveyitch? How was he dressed?

Answer: Ivan Matveyitch, a young man of eighteen, with an oval face and no moustache, was the secretary of the man of learning. He was wearing a shabby, mangy overcoat and had clumsy boots.

Question 8: What topics did the two talk about?

Answer: They talked about many things as catching birds, goldfinches and tarantulas.

Question 9: Did the man of learning talk or work more?

Answer: The man of learning talked more.

Question 10: Why were the two men attached to each other?

Answer: The two men were attached to each other because they loved to chatter. There were moments when Ivan Matveyitch even fancied that the man of learning was becoming attached to him, used to him, and that if he would scold him for being late, it was simply because he missed his chatter about tarantulas and how they caught goldfinches on the Don.

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