The Perfect Life Questions & Answers

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Written by Ben Jonson, the poem says that long life and big size is not a sign of excellence. Even a short life can be perfect. Long life is not perfect if it is not eventful. On the other hand, a short life is perfect if it is filled with beauty.

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The Perfect Life Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Bulk – large quantity
  • Oak – a forest tree
  • Log – a piece of wood
  • Bald and sere – leafless
  • Proportions – ratio
  • Measures – size, degree

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. A person should not grow like a tree.
2. Oak tree lived three hundred years.
3. At last oak tree becomes leafless.
4. A lily is a short lived.
5. A lily is called a flower of light.
6. In a short measure, lily spreads its beauty all around.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. The poet prefers a short and ________ life to worthless and long one.

(a) uncertain
(b) purposeful
(c) dithering

2. A __________ and meaningful life is far better.

(a) long
(b) far
(c) short

3. The poet _________ a long life to an oak tree.

(a) compares
(b) contrast
(c) evaluate

4. Oak tree grows tall and lasts for ________ of years.

(a) thousands
(b) hundreds
(c) many

5. A lily is a _________ lived.

(a) short
(b) small
(c) tiny

6. A lily spreads sweetness and _________ all around.

(a) good looks
(b) splendor
(c) beauty

Question 3: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. A lily is one of the worst examples of short life – False
2. A lily spread beauty and sweetness all around – True
3. The life like an oak tree is not good – True
4. Oak tree is the best example of good life – False
5. A lily is called a tree of light – False
6. Oak tree stands three hundred years – True

Question 4: What does the poet say about an oak tree?

Answer: The poet says that growing physically like a bulky tree or living long like a sturdy oak does not make a man a noble being. The huge, strong and aged oak will soon become a lifeless, ‘dry’ and withered piece of log. So too will be the fate of a man who is only blessed with long life and physical and material well-being.

Question 5: What does the poet mean by ‘dry bald and sere’?

Answer: By ‘dry bald and sere’, the poet means nak*d and lifeless.

Question 6: Why is lily fairer far in May?

Answer: Lily is fairer far in May because it blooms in the month of May.

Question 7: Why is lily called ‘a flower of light’?

Answer: Lily is called ‘a flower of light’ because it blooms in the day and fades in the evening.

Question 8: How can life be made perfect in short measures?

Answer: As a short proportion lily spreads its beauty everywhere in the same way we can do and that is how life can be made perfect in short measures.

Question 9: ‘Quality is better than quantity’ justify the statement.

Answer: A life which is short but gives beauty and happiness to others is the life that counts. So, we can say that ‘quality is better than quantity’.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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