The Death Penalty Questions & Answers

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The Death Penalty Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. The Sultan too was a good ruler.
2. Unfortunately, the Sultan was a worried father.
3. The Sultan and people will be thankful to you.
4. Khalil was an intelligent fellow.
5. The sultanate is prosperous and people are rich.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Unfortunately, the Sultan was a worried ________.

(a) employee
(b) father
(c) brother

2. The old medicine _________ was able and experienced.

(a) man
(b) woman
(c) girl

3. Khalil respected his __________ very much and dared not disobey his command.

(a) mother
(b) teacher
(c) father

4. The __________ recovered from his dreaded disease in two weeks’ time.

(a) prince
(b) sultan
(c) vizier

5. The vizier, a ___________ fellow, began to ill-advise the Sultan.

(a) good
(b) foolish
(c) clever

6. The Sultan signalled to the ___________ to take Khalil away.

(a) guards
(b) teacher
(c) courtiers

Question 3: Write, who said the following statements:

1. The sultanate is prosperous and people are rich – The inn-keeper
2. You see I’ve to reach my destination as quickly as possible – The medicine man
3. I request you to treat the prince – Khalil
4. Sir, I can perceive an evil design in this advice of the royal hakim – The vizier
5. Take him away and behead him – The sultan
6. Just remember how I cured the prince – Khalil
7. Ha, ha! You deserve it, O ungrateful sultan, you deserve it – Khalil
8. How can I die? – The sultan

Question 4: How crazy was the Sultan?

Answer: The Sultan was a little crazy in the head. He sought the advice of his vizier on all matters, big or small, and it made him take some decisions which he did not really mean to take.

The Death Penalty Questions & Answers

Question 5: Why was the Sultan a worried father?

Answer: The Sultan was a worried father because the young prince had suffered a stroke of paralysis, so he was a cripple. The disease was so acute that he was unable to sit up in the bed even. His illness was a cause of great anxiety for the Sultan. He was anxious about who would ascend the throne after him.

Question 6: What did the medicine man advise his pupil, Khalil?

Answer: The medicine man said to Khalil that the Sultan is a crazy man who follows the vizier’s advice in all matters. Such a ruler can be dangerous, very dangerous.

He also advised him not to stay a moment longer than is needed, else it could be dangerous to his life.

Question 7: How did Khalil become the royal medicine man?

Answer: With Khalil’s treatment, the prince recovered from his dreaded disease in two weeks’ time. The Sultan was very happy and showered the most fabulous favours on him. He appointed Khalil as the royal medicine man.

Question 8: Why was the vizier jealous of Khalil?

Answer: Khalil was an intelligent fellow. Not only his advice on the matters pertaining to health were the most suitable; but at the same time, his advice on other political matters too was effective. The Sultan realised his wisdom and often consulted him on many matters beyond the realm of medicine; sometimes he preferred him to the old trusted vizier. It was a cause of anxiety for the vizier and he suffered from the pangs of jealousy for the medicine man who was being consulted by the Sultan more often than not.

Question 9: How did the vizier arouse the Sultan against Khalil?

Answer: The vizier was a clever fellow. He carefully began to arouse the Sultan against Khalil. Whatever advice Khalil rendered to the Sultan, the vizier would say that he could perceive an evil design in his advice and this would harm the Sultan. He also said that Khalil appeared to be a spy to him and he had controlled the Sultan’s mind. The vizier would also use his faithful servants and made them speak to the Sultan against Khalil. He also accused Khalil of taking an undue advantage of his position.

Question 10: What punishment was given to Khalil?

Answer: The vizier aroused the Sultan against Khalil and he came to believe that Khalil was indeed a spy and deserved the death penalty. So, Khalil was beheaded.

Question 11: What was the last wish of Khalil?

Answer: Khalil’s last wish that the Sultan should read the book that he had given to him. He also wanted the guards to bring back his severed head on a platter as it would answer any query that the Sultan might have about the book or any other thing.

Question 12: What happened to the Sultan in the end? How did it happen?

Answer: In the end, the Sultan felt dizzy and had acute pain in his chest. He fell down from his throne and died.

This happened when he started to turn leaf after leaf of the medicine book. As he turned pages, he had to apply saliva to the pages, for which he had to put his index finger into his mouth again and again. On the edges of the book was applied a deadly poison which the Sultan unknowingly licked.

So, these were The Death Penalty Questions & Answers.

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