The Dreamer Questions & Answers

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The Dreamer Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. The motor was dusty from the long treks.
2. Devaki Nandan Panday was blind in right eye.
3. We became friends with Devaki Nandan Pandey.
4. The boy was a wonderful storyteller of the Buddha.
5. The village boys will not even let us play with them.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. One of the _________ by the Bodh Gaya temple stood as the ‘odd man out’.

(a) ghosts
(b) urchins
(c) kings

2. Devaki Nandan Pandey relapsed back into __________.

(a) garage
(b) peace
(c) silence

3. The boy was a wonderful __________.

(a) teacher
(b) artist
(c) storyteller

4. The most he would accept was half a kilo of _________ for himself and his mother.

(a) Ladoos
(b) tomatoes
(c) mangoes

5. The rival just waved his ________ negatively.

(a) hand
(b) head
(c) nose

6. The rumour was that he slept somewhere near the ________ temple tank.

(a) Bodh Gaya
(b) Maha Gaya
(c) Konark

Question 3: Write who said the following statements:

1. What is your name? – Narrator
2. School is closed as most children go to fetch food – Devaki Nandan Pandey
3. My mother says one should not beg for food – Devaki Nandan Pandey
4. Not Mithila – where he stayed with Amrapali, the dancer – Devaki Nandan Pandey
5. I only take four annas for washing the car – The boy
6. But Gautama accepted everyone – The boy
7. The dreamer – he dreams of becoming Gautama Budha – The boy’s rival

Question 4: How did one of the urchins stand as the ‘odd man out’?

Answer: One of the urchins by the Bodh Gaya temple stood as the ‘odd man out’. He was blind in right eye, but seemed to have enough mischief in his left eye to make up for the absence of light in the other one.

Question 5: Why did the writer agree to get his car washed?

Answer: The writer agreed to get his car washed because the motor was dusty from the long treks in the summer of the drought year. Also, the writer wanted to shoo three of the boy’s rivals who had already begun to wipe various parts of the motor with dirty rags.

Question 6: What all things did the boy tell about himself?

Answer: The boy told that when he would grow up, he would like to belong to the Budh Math. This is because his mother had told that for Harijans there was no place in the Hindu Math and they were just outcastes. He was of the Weaver caste. He also told that the village boys would not even let them play with them in case they should touch them during the sport. However, Gautama accepted everyone so, he wanted to wander like him.

Question 7: What did the boy want to become?

Answer: The boy wanted to become Gautam Buddha.

Question 8: What did the people tell about the boy?

Answer: The people told that the boy did not live in Sujata’s village but he used to come there sometimes to show the visitors the hill where Sujata had given rice and milk to Gautama. They told that he was a dreamer and dreams of becoming Gautama Buddha.

So, these were The Dreamer Questions & Answers.

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