A Precious Gift Questions & Answers

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A Precious Gift Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Anukul Babu was a judge.
(b) A group of men went to river in front of child.
(c) Anukul Babu’s wife thought her son has been sold.
(d) Phalan was always found looking at a mirror and taking care of his hair.
(e) Phalan asked Anukul Babu to forgive Raicharan and start his pension.
(f) Raicharan said, ‘Master I haven’t committed any crime’.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

(a) Anukul was a________.

i. judge
ii. headmaster
iii. police officer

(b) The child was lost near the river of________.

i. Sutlej
ii. Parya
iii. Yamuna

(c) Raicharan was________.

i. obedient
ii. hardworking
iii. caring

(d) Phalan always fight with his father for_________.

i. pocket money
ii. flowers
iii. books

(e) Raicharan handover Phalan to _________.

i. her sister
ii. Anukul Babu
iii. villagers

(f) Raicharan begged that he has not done_________.

i. any crime
ii. any justice
iii. both of them

Question 3: Write True or False:

(a) Raicharan sold his land for Phalan’s education – True
(b) Anukul Babu was transferred to near river Parya – True
(c) Raicharan’s wife took care of Phalan – False
(d) Anukul Babu’s wife had doubt that Raicharan has sold his son – True
(e) Anukul Babu did not accept Phalan as his son – False
(f) Phalan was not angry with Raicharan – True

Question 4: What happened when child insisted to have bunch of flowers?

Answer: When the child insisted to have bunch of flowers, Raicharan went inside the water and started plucking flowers for the child. The child sat quietly inside the car for some time and then his attention was caught by the river that was flowing.

Question 5: What were the three evidences to show that Raicharan’s master’s son has born as his son?

Answer: First of all, after the young master’s death the child was born. Secondly, his wife had grown old and there was no hope of a child being born and thirdly, the way this child use to talk and behave were same to the young master.

Question 6: What did Raicharan do for Phalan’s education?

Answer: For his education, Raicharan sold off his land and settled down in Calcutta. He worked hard to get a job for himself and admitted Phalan in a school.

Question 7: What happened when Phalan turned twelve?

Answer: When Phalan turned twelve, he was always found looking at a mirror and taking care of his hair. The students at school would make fun of Raicharan for being illiterate and Phalan would join in making fun of him as well.

Question 8: How Phalan reacted when he got to know he was son of a wealthy father?

Answer: When Phalan got to know that he was a wealthy man’s son he was angry with Raicharan for what he had done, that he had been kept in discomfort for such a long time. But he was filled with pity for Raicharan and said to Anukul Babu – Father, forgive him. If you don’t want him to stay here, at least provide him with pension.

Question 9: Why did the pension not reach to Raicharan?

Answer: The pension did not reach to Raicharan because there was no one living in the village by that name.

So, these were A Precious Gift Questions & Answers.