Marco Polo Questions & Answers

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Marco Polo Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) People travelled mainly by overland route in caravans.
(b) India and China were believed to be rich beyond dreams.
(c) Marco Polo went to the court of Kublai Khan.
(d) Kublai Khan received Marco Polo and his uncle with great kindness.
(e) Marco Polo was made the governor of a city.
(f) War broke out between Venice and Genoa.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

(a) Many people died on the way for lack of food and________.

i. water
ii. fruits
iii. juice

(b) Band of________knew these routes too.

i. soldiers
ii. robbers
iii. ministers

(c) India and China were believed to be rich beyond________.

i. result
ii. conclusion
iii. dreams

(d) Kublai Khan received the travellers with great________.

i. kindness
ii. cruelty
iii. harshness

(e) Kublai Khan’s daughter’s marriage had been arranged with the grand nephew________.

i. Arghan
ii. Arghun
iii. Arjun

(f) Wind carried the ships to Indo-China and then to________.

i. Summitra
ii. Sri Lanka
iii. Sumatra

Question 3: Write True or False:

(a) Marco Polo began to learn Japanese language – False
(b) Through the book of Marco Polo, people came to know about Japan – True
(c) Kublai Khan sent Marco Polo to Burma in 1287 – True
(d) Marco Polo returned to Venice after 24 years in 1295 – True
(e) During war, Marco Polo was taken prisoner – True
(f) Japan was the capital of China – False

Question 4: Why did Europe value its trade with the East?

Answer: Europe valued its trade with the East because East was belied to be immensely rich at that time. Spices from eat could be sold in Europe at a great profit.

Question 5: Where did Marco Polo live? When and with whom did Marco Polo start on his journey to China?

Answer: Marco Polo lived in Venice. Marco Polo started on his journey to China in 1271 with his father Niccolo Polo and uncle Maffeo Polo.

Question 6: What troubles did Marco Polo and Persian nobles face on their sea-voyage?

Answer: The Poloes and Persina nobles faced many troubles on their sea-voyages. When the party started, winds carried the ships to Indo-China and then to Sumatra. Two of the three Persian nobles died on the way.

Question 7: How did Marco Polo make their friends believe the story of their journey to China?

Answer: The Polos made their friends believe the story of their journey to China by tearing off the seams of their clothes and showing the jewels they had brought from China.

Question 8: Where did Marco Polo write his book? Why did it become famous?

Answer: Marco Polo wrote his book in prison. The book became famous because he had written about unknown people and lands that he had seen during his journeys.

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