An Adventure Trip Questions & Answers

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An Adventure Trip Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Namaste meaning is to salute the God within you.
(b) A big wicker basket called a doko.
(c) A doko is usually used to carry supplies or small children.
(d) Nepal is famous for having seven of eight tallest mountains in the world.
(e) Trekking refers to hiking along the trails.
(f) The main dish for the Nepalese is daal-bhaat.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

(a) Tsering made a habit to bring a black tea at______, every morning on the trail.

i. 6:15
ii. 6:20
iii. 6:25

(b) The word Sherpa is sometimes mistakenly applied to all______.

i. beggars
ii. porters
iii. hawkers

(c) A_______is usually used to carry supplies or small children.

i. coco
ii. moco
iii. doko

(d) The Nepalese stepped over logs and up______steps with amazing ease.

i. rock
ii. mock
iii. flatten

(e) High in the mountains there are few clouds to filter out the______rays.

i. moon
ii. sun
iii. stars

(f) The Nepalese generate________power with miniature hydroelectric stations.

i. electric
ii. nuclear
iii. radioactive

Question 3: How does Nepalese generate electric power?

Answer: The Nepalese generate electric power with miniature hydroelectric stations. As glaciers melt, their water runs down the mountains. There are many places where hydroelectric stations are set up to take advantage of this runoff.

Question 4: Name some other Nepalese food except daal-bhaat?

Answer: Other Nepalese foods include boiled potatoes, brown bread, fried potatoes, pasta (with onion, vegetable and/or cheese), instant noodle soup, pizza, and yak cheese.

Question 5: How Sherpa’s does use doko to carry supplies and small children?

Answer: The Sherpa put the strap of the doko on top of his head, with the other end of the leather strap wrapped around the lower part of the doko and tested the weight and balance on his back.

Question 6: Why did the author hire four Sherpas to carry him over the mountains?

Answer: The author hired four Sherpas so that they could carry the author turn-by-turn.

Question 7: What is Nepal famous for?

Answer: Nepal is famous for having seven of the eight tallest mountains in the world. The tallest mountain here in Nepal, in fact in the world, is Mount Everest.

Question 8: Which Mountain was Tsering talking about?

Answer: Tsering spoke of Machhe Puchhare (Fishtail), one of the more famous of the Himalayan Mountains.

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