The Big Brown Cockerel Questions & Answers

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The Big Brown Cockerel Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Dreadfully – extremely
  • Pleased – delighted
  • Pretended – to show fake genuineness
  • Glad – pleased
  • Cuddled – hugged
  • Insisting – demanding forcefully

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) Woman had two little girls living with her – True
(b) Woman taught the two little girls how to knead bread, cook rice and meals – True
(c) Both the girls hated the old woman – False
(d) Two little girls caught the brown cockerel and killed it – True
(e) Old lady has been too fond of brown cockerel – True

Question 2: What all the things did the old woman taught to the two little girls?

Answer: The old woman taught them how to knead bread, cook rice and meals. She also taught them to spin fine thread on their spinning wheels.

Question 3: Explain about the condition of the two little girls when the old woman wakes them?

Answer: The little girls were always dreadfully sleepy and did not want to get up in the least. But the bustling old woman would stand over them, till they got out of bed, yawning and blinking their eyes. Then, she would start her household chores, telling them to wash and dress and to follow her into the kitchen as quickly as they could.

Question 4: How did the two little girls feed the big brown cockerel?

Answer: Now one of the things the little girls had to do was to feed the poultry – the big brown cockerel among the others. He was rather a greedy bird and always ate a lot of the scraps and corn that were thrown on the ground. The old lady would stand at the kitchen door to watch the feeding and the more the cockerel ate, the better she was pleased. The two little girls threw the scarp and corn on the ground for the big brown cockerel.

Question 5: How the two little girls killed the big brown cockerel?

Answer: One day, when the cockerel seemed to have crowed even earlier than usual, they decided they could stand it no longer. They waited until their mother had gone to market. Then, they caught the brown cockerel and killed it. After that they buried him as quickly as they could in the field on the other side of the fence.

Question 6: What happened after the death of big brown cockerel?

Answer: After the death of big brown cockerel, their mother got them up in the middle of night. She knew that there was no cockerel to wake them and she did not want to oversleep.Those little girls were sad and disappointed. But they were obliged to do as their mother told them. So, they got up and stalled scrubbing and washing and spinning by candle light, sleepier than they had ever been in their lives.

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