Scourge of God Questions & Answers

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Scourge of God Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. The puppy was only a couple of months old.
2. The immediate reason for buying him was a series of house-breakings and thefts in the neighbourhood.
3. A variety of people entered the gates of the house everyday.
4. Let our dog parallel old.
5. Attila’s disappearance created a sensation in the bungalow.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. The puppy did not have a very __________ appearance.

(a) aggressive
(b) prepossessing
(c) ugly

2. A variety of people entered the __________ of the house every day.

(a) house
(b) windows
(c) gates

3. Attila merely looked in that direction and wagged his ___________.

(a) tail
(b) ears
(c) tongue

4. Ranga lived in a hut __________ miles from the town.

(a) seven
(b) three
(c) four

5. The dog obligingly took away his ________ and lowered himself.

(a) legs
(b) hands
(c) paws

6. Attila’s disappearance created a sensation in the ____________.

(a) bungalow
(b) hut
(c) villa

Question 3: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. Attila was bought to help thieves and robbers – False
2. Attila proved worthy of his name – True
3. Attila welcomed every visitor to the house – True
4. Attila brought Ranga into the house – False
5. Attila left the house with Ranga – True
6. Attila followed Ranga because he was a thief – False
7. Ranga came to win the admiration of everybody in the house – False

Question 4: What did the dog fancier promise about the puppy?

Answer: About the puppy, the dog fancier promised that in six months, he would be something to be feared and respected.

Question 5: Why was the name ‘Attila’ chosen for the dog?

Answer: The name ‘Attila’ was chosen for the dog because what the family wanted of a dog was strength, faithfulness and fight, and hence he was named after the “Scourge of God”.

Scourge of God Questions & Answers

Question 6: How did Attila look when he grew up six months?

Answer: When Attila grew up six months, he stood up twenty inches high, had a large frame and a forbidding appearance on the whole.

Question 7: How did Attila behave with the visitors to the house?

Answer: When the visitors entered the gates of the house, they were warmly received by Attila. The moment the gate clicked, he became alert and stood up looking towards the gate. By the time anyone entered the gate, Attila went blindly charging forward. But that was all. The person had only to stop and smile, and Attila would melt. He would behave as if he apologised for even giving an impression of violence. He would lower his head, curve his body, tuck his tail between his legs, roll his eyes and moan.

Question 8: What types of complaint did the lady of the house have against Attila?

Answer: The lady of the house had a complaint that Attila eats like an elephant and they could employ two watchmen for the price of the rice and meat he consumes. She would complain that somebody would come every morning and steal all the flowers in the garden and Attila would not do anything about it.

Question 9: What did Attila do when Ranga was about to go out of the house?

Answer: When Ranga was about to go out of the house, he was expecting Attila to bark but this did not happen.Ranga thought his end had come. He expected the dog to bark. But not Attila. Rather, Attila waited for a moment, grew tired of waiting, stood up and put his forepaws on the lap of Ranga. He put back his ears, licked Ranga’s hands and rolled his eyes.

Question 10: What type of company did Attila give Ranga?

Answer: Attila liked Ranga, his new friend so much that he wouldn’t leave him alone even for a moment. He would lay before Ranga when he sat down to eat, sat on the edge of his mat when he slept in his hut, waited patiently on the edge of the pond when Ranga went there now and then for a wash, slept on the roadside when Ranga was at work. This sort of companionship was getting on Ranga’s nerves.

Question 11: How was Ranga caught? Did Attila have a role in this?

Answer: One day, when the eldest son of the house was going to the market, he saw Attila trotting after someone on the road that happened to be Ranga. He shouted to call Ranga and so, Ranga broke into a run. Attila galloped after Ranga. The eldest son of the house also started running and Ranga desperately doubled his pace. Attila was determined to stick to Ranga at any cost. As a result, he ran so fast that he overtook Ranga and clumsily blocked his way, and Ranga stumbled over him and fell. That is how Ranga was caught.

Question 12: How was Attila thought to be a hero?

Answer: Attila thought to be a hero because he helped to catch the burglar. Ranga fell and was caught because Attila blocked his way. As he rolled on the ground a piece of jewellery (which he was taking to a receiver of stolen property) flew from his hand. The young man recognised it as belonging to his sister and sat down on Ranga. A crowd collected and the police appeared on the scene. Attila was thus the hero of the day.

So, these were Scourge of God Questions & Answers.

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