Red Cross Questions & Answers

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Red Cross Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. Dunant hoped to meet Napoleon and get permission for a business project.
2. The opposing armies rushed at each other like wild beasts.
3. Over fifty thousand men had been killed in only fifteen hours of fighting.
4. Dunant knew that the neighbouring hospitals were full and that he could expect no help from them.
5. The way in which Dunant said these words impressed the woman and the other volunteers.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Dunant was the son of a _________ businessman.

(a) courageous
(b) rich
(c) poor

2. Dunant leapt out of _________ and hurried towards Solferino.

(a) bed
(b) chair
(c) table

3. Dunant could see _________ flags flying in the distance.

(a) white
(b) red
(c) black

4. Little boys went from door to door begging for _________.

(a) food
(b) juice
(c) soup

5. Most of the women volunteers were totally _________.

(a) untrained
(b) trained
(c) foolish

6. Penniless Dunant started to lead a very _________ life.

(a) miserable
(b) simple
(c) royal

Question 3: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. Dunant was the son of a poor man – False
2. Dunant leapt out of bed and hurried towards Solferino – True
3. The smoke of bursting shells soon created a thick screen – True
4. The battle of Solferino came to beginning – False
5. The committee continued to prosper and forgot all about Dunant – True

Question 4: Why had Dunant gone to the Lombardy plains?

Answer: Dunant had gone to the Lombardy plains for business.

Question 5: What did Dunant see from the top of the hill?

Answer: From the top of the hill, Dunant got a clear view of the battlefield. Below him, on the plains over a ten-mile stretch, 300,000 men were facing one another. On one side were the French and Sardinian soldiers in their colourful uniforms and on the other, were the Austrians.

Question 6: What was the scene of battle the next day?

Answer: The next day it was a horrifying sight. The corpses of men and horses covered the battlefield. Fields were devastated, orchards were laid waste. Fences were broken, farm walls were riddled with huge holes. Helmets, belts, tins, knapsacks, guns and cartridge boxes littered the battleground and the road to Solferino.

Question 7: How many soldiers were killed or wounded in the fighting?

Answer: In the fighting, over fifty thousand soldiers were killed and thousands were wounded.

Question 8: What types of problems were faced at Castiglione?

Answer: The local authorities of Castiglione were unable to cope with the situation. There were no more beds for the wounded. Though the people gave generously, and water, food and lint were available, there were not enough people to distribute them, nor to help dress wounds. Most of the army doctors were in Cavriana, a nearby town. There were also very few medical orderlies. Confusion reigned and the injured were crying out in pain.

Question 9: What efforts did Dunant make to serve the wounded?

Answer: Dunant got together as many civilian doctors and volunteers as he could and, taking them to the church at Castiglione, set to work. Dunant sent his coachman to bring in supplies of tobacco, lemons and oranges from the neighbouring town of Brescia. Wounds were washed and dressed. Pipes were filled and glasses of refreshing lemonade passed around.

Question 10: Why did Dunant make no distinction between French/Sardinian and Austrian soldiers?

Answer: Dunant made no distinction between French/Sardinian and Austrian soldiers because he saw a human being in everyone.

Question 11: For what purpose did Dunant neglect his business?

Answer: Neglecting his business, Dunant wrote a book, A Souvenir of Solferino. In this book, he gave a detailed account of the Battle of Solferino and the suffering that followed. It contained a passionate appeal against the inhumanity of war.

Question 12: What is the motto of the Red Cross Society?

Answer: The motto of the Red Cross Society is ‘Inter Arma Caritas’ or ‘Charity in the Midst of Battle’.

Question 13: What do the ideals of Dunant symbolise?

Answer: The ideals of Dunant symbolise a unique brotherhood in the history of man.

So, these were Red Cross Questions & Answers.

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