How To Start Google Meet Meeting From Gmail

Hi Everyone!! This article will share the steps to Start Google Meet Meeting From Gmail. In our new life of this pandemic spread, most of us have turned to video meetings in place of cabin conferences and school. So, sitting in front of a webcam for hours is now normal and Google Meet, Zoom and other services have taken over our daily lives. Earlier, starting a meeting on Google Meet was a service for only G Suite users. Fortunately, now it has given the access of starting a meeting to anyone with a Gmail account. So, let’s see the steps to Start Meeting From Gmail.

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How To Start Google Meet Meeting From Gmail

Step 1

Go to and login with the Gmail account with which you want to join the meeting.

Step 2

Now, look at the left sidebar of you Gmail interface. Under Meet section, click on Start a meeting.

Step 3

Then click on Join now button with green background.


  • You will get a popup giving you the options to add other participants. You can either copy meeting link and send to people on different sharing platforms or click on Add people to invite them via sending them an email.
  • Now, you can Turn on captions to see what you or others are speaking.
  • If you want to share your screen, click on Present now.
  • Click on three-dot menu to explore more options.

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So, these were the steps to How To Start Google Meet Meeting From Gmail. If you have any doubts/suggestions then, please type in the comment section below.

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