Human Family Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Human Family Questions & Answers.

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Human Family Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option.

(a) The poem is about_______

i. different people
ii. friends and family
iii. humanity
iv. none of these

(b) The poet knows around_________

i. ten thousand women
ii. eleven thousand women
iii. twelve thousand women
iv. thirteen thousand women

Question 2: What is the obvious difference between people according to the poet? Highlight three differences.

Answer: The obvious differences between people according to the poet are:
i. Some are serious, some thrive on comedy.
ii. Some have declared that they have lived their life with great depth and intensity while some believe that they have lived in true reality.
iii. Some are of different skin tones.

Question 3: Find the following in the poem:

(a) Words that rhyme with ‘reality’ and ‘white’.

Answer: Reality – profundity, White – delight

(b) Words indicating the variety of skin tones.

Answer: Brown, pink, beige purple, tan, blue and white.

(c) Different countries around the world.

Answer: China, England, Guinea, Spain, Finland and Maine (USA).

Question 4: A refrain is the line or lines that are repeated in a poem.

(a) Find an example of refrain in the poem.

Answer: Examples of refrain are:
We are more alike, my friends, Than we are unalike.

(b) Why does the poet use refrain in the poem?

Answer: The poet uses refrain in the poem to lay emphasis that we are same i.e., we have more similarities than dissimilarities.

Question 5: Figurative language (speech) uses ‘figures of speech’ – a way of saying something other than the literal meaning of the words. For example, the fourth verse of the poem. ‘I’ve sailed upon the seven seas….. Not yet one common man.’
Find one more example of figurative speech from the poem.

Answer: Example of figurative speech is:
I know ten thousand women…… Who really were the same.

Question 6: Why does the poet mention different countries in her poem? What does she want to convey?

Answer: The poet mentions different countries in her poem to convey that even though we live at far off places, we all have experience emotions, we all experience ups and downs of life throughout the world.

Question 7: Identify the lines that talk about emotions. What do these lines tell us about people?

Answer: The lines are:
We love and lose on China,
We weep in England’s moors,
And laugh and moan in Guinea,
And thrive on Spanish shores.

These lines tell us that all people from different countries experience emotions. The emotions may be different, however emotions are a part of our life.

So, these were Human Family Questions & Answers.

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