India’s Hockey Magician Questions & Answers

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India’s Hockey Magician Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why was Dhyan Singh called ‘Chand’?

Answer: ‘Chand’ means ‘the moon’ in Hindi. Dhyan Singh was called ‘Chand’ because he used to practise hockey in the dark when the moon had risen, after he had finished his soldierly duties.

Question 2: How did Dhyan secure a place in the ‘baccha paltan’?

Answer: While watching a match between two army teams, Dhyan loudly remarked to his father that he could take the losing team to victory. An officer sitting nearby was angry at Dhyan for his boastful remark. However, he allowed him to play. Impressed by Dhyan’s excellent performance, the officer gave him a place in the ‘Baccha Paltan’

Question 3: How did Dhyan Singh make a name for himself for his excellent ball control?

Answer: Dhyan Singh learned ball control by practising on railway lines. As he ran, he made sure that the ball did not fall off the rails. He practised shooting the ball into the goalpost by hanging an empty tyre from the goal and then hit hundreds of shots through it.

Question 4: A local newspaper said, “Dhyan Chand is in fact the magician of hockey.” What does this mean?

Answer: This means that Dhyan Singh was so good at the game that the ease and skill with which he controlled the ball made it appear like magic.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

It seemed as if the ball was stuck with glue to his hockey stick, until he sent it smoothly past a goal keeper into the net.

(a) Who is the he referred to in these lines?

Answer: ‘He’ refers to Dhyan Chand, the renowned hockey player.

(b) Why did the ball seem to be stuck to the stick?

Answer: Dhyan had amazing control over the ball. He would run the whole length of the field concentrating solely on the ball and drive it into the net with the hockey stick.

(c) What efforts did the person take to be perfect in his game?

Answer: Dhyan Chand practised on railway lines, not letting the ball fall off the rails as he ran. He hit hundreds of shots through an empty tyre hung from the goal. This kind of rigorous practice helped him hone his skills. He kept his body fit and his mind sharp. He took special care to be a perfect team man because hockey was all about teamwork.

India’s Hockey Magician Questions & Answers

Question 6: How can you say that teamwork mattered to Dhyan Singh?

Answer: Dhyan Singh knew the positions of all the players on the field and to whom, he could pass the ball. The fact that he kept track of the players and their movements tells us that teamwork mattered to him.

Question 7: What efforts did Dhyan take to make the whole team good at the game?

Answer: Dhyan knew that to be successful in hockey one needs to work as a team. He regularly practised with the team in the field. He was adept at passing the ball to the right team mate as he knew the positions of each of his team mates. Thus, Dhyan made sure that the team was perfect.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

Dhyan was a superstar now, celebrated in India and known wherever hockey was played.

(a) Who did Dhyan Chand and his team play against to be called a super star now?

Answer: After winning over Hungary, the USA, Japan and France, the Indian team had to play the finals against Germany.

(b) When and where was this game played against the opponent?

Answer: It was the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

(c) Who did he prove wrong?

Answer: Adolf Hitler believed that the German race was superior to the rest of the world, but Dhyan Chand proved him wrong by winning against the Germans.

Question 9: Why does the writer feel that Dhyan Singh is an inspiration to Indian sports?

Answer: The writer feels that Dhyan Singh is an inspiration to Indian sports because not only was he a skilled payer but he also had the qualities of team spirit, humility and dedication. It is these qualities that made him an excellent and inspiring player.

Question 10: Why did Dhyan Singh feel sad when India struggled in hockey?

Answer: Dhyan Singh felt sad when India struggled in hockey because in his time, the Indian hockey team was the best in the world and he had wonderful memories of glorious victories. To see his country do so badly in a game that he loved and played so well made him feel very bad.

Question 11: How did Dhyan Chand spend his days after retirement?

Answer: Dhyan Chand was honoured with India’s third highest civilian award, the Padma Bhushan, after his retirement. He was appointed the Chief Hockey Coach at the National Institute of Sports in Patiala as well as various other camps. He later lived in Jhansi, his hometown where he spent time running errands and visiting friends.

Question 12: How has India honoured Dyan Chand for his contribution to Indian sports?

Answer: After Dhyan Chand’s retirement he was honoured with the Padma Bhushan. August 29, Dhyan Chand’s birthday, is celebrated as the National Sports Day and the Dhyan Chand award, India’s highest award for lifetime achievement in sports, is named after him.

Question 13: Why was Dhyan called the ‘the magician of hockey’?

Answer: Dhyan, with his persistent effort and regular practice became the rising star in Indian hockey. He was selected for the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics. Dhyan, along with his team, made sure that they did not give up even a single goal. Even players from countries like Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands stood no chance against the mighty Indian team. Dhyan was the greatest contributor for the win because out of the 29 goals scored by the team, 14 were by Dhyan. No wonder he was called the ‘magician of hockey’.

So, these were India’s Hockey Magician Questions & Answers.

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