The Locked Chest Questions & Answers

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The Locked Chest Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Feluda and Tapshe travel to Ghurghutia?

Answer: Feluda and Tapshe traveled to Ghurghutia on a special request by a letter from Kalikinkar Majumdar, an elderly man who lived there. He requested them to visit him and his letter made Feluda curious.

Question 2: Why were Feluda and Tapesh curious to know why Mr. Majumdar had called them?

Answer: Mr. Majumdar had sent a letter to Feluda from his village asking him to visit him at his home and had mentioned that he had a special reason for that. Feluda, who was detective, was curious to know what the special reason could be and so he, along with his cousin met him at his village.

Question 3: Why was Feluda excited to see the books?

Answer: Feluda was excited to see the books because they were extremely rare and related to his profession.

Question 4: Why was Feluda surprised when he saw the books with Mr. Majumdar?

Answer: Feluda was a detective by profession. So, he was excited to see the four volumes of books which were very rare and would be useful in his profession. He was surprised to see these books with the old man because he was not aware until then that Mr Majumdar was interested in criminology.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

“I don’t know how to thank you.”

(a) Who says the above line? To whom?

Answer: Feluda speaks the above line. He is speaking to Mr. Majumdar.

(b) For what does the speaker want to thank the person?

Answer: Feluda wants to thank the speaker because he had given Feluda four volumes of rare books that would help in solving mysteries.

(c) What was the reply to this show of gratitude?

Answer: Mr Majumdar asked him not to thank him. He said that he would have been happier to hand them over to Feluda with his own hands, but could not do so as he was suffering from arthritis.

Question 6: Why did the chest seem different than the most?

Answer: The chest seemed different than most. It had a combination lock, a knob, with numbers written around it. The chest opened only if the knob was moved to rest against some specific numbers.

The Locked Chest Questions & Answers

Question 7: What words did the parrot say and why?

Answer: The parrot said, “Shut the door, O big fat hen!” It had been taught those words in order to remind the owner of the secret code to open the combination lock of his chest.

Question 8: What reward was promised by Mr Majumdar to Feluda?

Answer: The reward Mr Majumdar promised to give Feluda was a whole set of books by Gaboriau.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

‘Then finally it came back as a flash, in the middle of the night.’

(a) Who makes the above remark?

Answer: Mr. Majumdar makes the above remark.

(b) What is the person referring to?

Answer: Mr. Majumdar is referring to the numbers of the combination lock of the chest, which he had forgotten.

(c) What did the person do after that?

Answer: After he remembered the numbers, he made a code for it and taught his parrot to say it whenever he forgot.

Question 10: What did Feluda and Tapesh individually think of the code?

Answer: Feluda, being a detective wanted to take it as a challenge. Further, Feluda was excited that Mr. Majumdar would gift him the whole set of Gaboriau if he cracked the code. So, he didn’t waste any time and started puzzling over the message to get the code. Tapesh, who was not a detective, on the other hand was totally confused. He thought it was pure nonsense and wondered how the numbers for the combination lock could be hidden in the message which the parrot uttered. He browsed through the books for some time and almost fell asleep.

Question 11: What role does the parrot play in making the story interesting?

Answer: Mr. Majumdar introduced the parrot to Feluda and Tapesh. Initially, both didn’t understand why the bird had been brought there. Soon when the bird spoke a few words, they became curious and wanted to know what those words meant. Mr. Majumdar informed Feluda that what the parrot uttered just then was a clue to the code that would open the locked chest in his room. Mr. Majumdar had used the parrot like a computer to store the code to the locked chest. He also used the parrot to challenge Feluda and test his detective skills. Thus, the parrot plays a very important role in developing the plot of the story.

Question 12: Give instances from the text to show that Feluda was a detective by profession.

Answer: Feluda was excited when Mr. Majumdar showed him the four volumes of rare books which Feluda said were to do with his profession. Secondly, Feluda was very happy about getting the whole set by Gaboriau, a French detective fiction writer and finally, he took up the challenge to crack the difficult code and cleverly cracked it too.

So, these were The Locked Chest Questions & Answers.

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