Ivan’s Story Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Ivan’s Story Questions & Answers.

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Ivan’s Story Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Mud had a………………..

i. younger sister named Tag

ii. twin sister named Tag

iii. twin brother named Tag

(b) To make his pictures, Mud used…………

i. fruit and mud

ii. sap from leaves

iii. all of these

(c) Mack raised Mud as a……………..

i. circus animal

ii. pet

iii. human baby

(d) As they grow, gorillas learn skills to survive in the jungle. They also learn how to be……………….

i. smart and clever

ii. kind and loyal

iii. frightening and strong

(e) For a troop of gorillas, a silverback is a protector,……………….

i. a follower and an entertainer

ii. a teacher and a guide

iii. a leader and a bully

Question 2: Read the line and answer the questions:

And that is what they called me – Mud.

(a) Why did Mud’s parents decide to call him by that name?

Answer: The baby gorilla drew pictures on rocks and bark using mud. His parents observed this and named him mud.

(b) What did the name mean to him?

Answer: The name meant everything to the baby gorilla as it gave him his identity in the troop.

Ivan’s Story Questions & Answers

Question 3: Read the line and answer the questions:

And for the most part, we were happy to do what we were meant to do.

(a) Who is being referred to as ‘we’ in this line?

Answer: Here ‘we’ refers to Mud and his sister Tag.

(b) What were they meant to do?

Answer: They mostly had to search for food, eat, nap and play.

(c) What is the main difference between gorilla babies and other babies?

Answer: The main difference according to Mud is that gorilla babies ride on their mother’s back all day. That is something that all gorilla babies enjoy.

Question 4: Read the line and answer the questions:

I slept in human beds, sat in human chairs, listened while human words swarmed around me like angry bees.

(a) Why did the speaker compares ‘human words’ to ‘angry bees’?

Answer: Mud compares human words to the buzz of angry bees because to him it sounded just like a very loud meaningless noise. Also, when he constantly heard those sounds around him, he was not just irritated, he was frightened too.

(b) What is the reason behind repeating the word ‘human’ so many times?

Answer: He uses the word ‘human’ so many times to show us that he is forced to live in a world that is so different from his own. All around him, everything is related to humans and there is nothing for gorillas there. He wants to highlight the difference between his life in the forest and his life in the city.

Question 5: Read the line and answer the questions:

Somehow I knew that in order to live, I had to let my old life die.

(a) What had happened to Mud and why?

Answer: Mud had been captured by humans, to be sold as a pet.

(b) Why was it required for Mud to let the old life die?

Answer: Mud would never be able to go back to the forest and would have to live in captivity amidst humans. So, he had to accept his new life.

Ivan’s Story Questions & Answers

Question 6: Read the line and answer the questions:

My life as human was an exciting one although my parents would not have approved.

(a) Do you think Mud enjoyed his life with humans?

Answer: Mud was fascinated with the new experiences he had in his new life and found it all exciting.

(b) Why does he think his parents would not have approved?

Answer: His parents had spent their life in the forests where they searched for their own food and lived independently. They would not have approved of a gorilla depending on someone else for food and shelter all his life.

Question 7: Read the line and answer the questions:

Still sometimes I lay awake, wishing for the warmth of another just like me.

(a) What does Mud mean in this line?

Answer: The gorilla felt lonely and missed the companionship of his own kind.

(b) Do you think Mud was truly happy in his life with the humans?

Answer: No, the gorilla was not truly happy in his new surroundings although he had adjusted well. He missed his family and the forest.

So, these were Ivan’s Story Questions & Answers.

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