Kokila’s Wonderful Pot Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Kokila’s Wonderful Pot Questions & Answers.

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Kokia’s Wonderful Pot Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Dai – the health worker in the village
  • Envy – the feeling of wanting what someone else has
  • Puzzled – confused
  • Murmured – spoke in a soft, quiet voice

Question 1: The pot was not an ordinary pot. How do you know this? Give two reasons for your answer.

Answer: The pot was not ordinary pot because:
i. It did not like the water from the river, lake, pond or the well and only liked the water from the pump.
ii. The pot wanted many things, a stool to sit on, a long handled cup and clean hands.

Question 2: Who is Guddi?

Answer: Guddi is Kokila’s daughter.

Question 3: What did Dai tell the women of the village?

Answer: The Dai told the women of the village that pump water is good for the family.

Question 4: Did the women of the village listen to Dai? Why? Why not?

Answer: No, the women of the village didn’t listen to Dai because they drink water of pond, well and river as they think that pump water is not so tasty.

Kokila’s Wonderful Pot Questions & Answers

Question 5: Why did the pot fly out of Ramu’s hands?

Answer: One day Ramu’s fingers dipped into the water pot, and the pot flew out of his hands.

Question 6: Why did the pot want a stool?

Answer: The pot wanted a stool because it did not want anything to fall into the water.

Question 7: Why were people in Kokila’s village so healthy?

Answer: People in Kokila’s village were so healthy because they drink clean water so they do not fall ill.

Question 8: Suggest some ways to stay healthy.

Answer: Yes, we can stay healthy in many ways:
i) We must keep our surroundings clean.
ii) Clean ourselves properly.
iii) We should wash hands before and after eating food.

Question 9: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Kokila’s pot likes the water of pump.
(b) The pot wanted a stool to sit on, a long-handled cup and clean hands.
(c) The pot disappeared and come back holding a lid.
(d) Kokila’s village is the healthiest village in the whole area.
(e) Any pot will keep Guddi healthy, if you treat it well.
(f) If we want to be healthy we must drink clean water.

So, these were Kokila’s Wonderful Pot Questions & Answers.

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