Lenny The Flying Inventor Questions & Answers

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Lenny The Flying Inventor Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Spare – free
  • Contraptions – machines
  • Workshop – a room where things are made or repaired using tools
  • Crest – top
  • Skidded – slid
  • Witness – someone who sees something happen and can describe it to other people
  • Dash – sudden movement
  • Murmured – spoke softly
  • Snapping – breaking
  • Balsa – a tropical American tree that has soft and light wood
  • Hooting – making a loud noise
  • Snugly – closely
  • Quit – stop

Question 1: What did Lenny do in his free time?

Answer: In his free time, Lenny shut himself in his room and read all about difficult experiments and new inventions.

Question 2: What did he tell his friend Rudy one day?

Answer: One day, Lenny told his friend Rudy that he was going to make a pair of wings.

Question 3: Why did Lenny need Rudy’s help?

Answer: Lenny needed Rudy’s help to drag the wings to the top of the Southern hill.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

‘Don’t you think that it will be too heavy for the wings?’

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Rudy said these words to Lenny.

(b) What were the wings made of?

Answer: The wings were made up of scrap metal.

(c) What was the response of the listener?

Answer: The listener responded that he had calculated all the angles and he would fly like an airplane.

Question 5: What happened when Lenny tried to fly for the first time?

Answer: When Lenny tried to fly for the first time, the weight of the wings began to tire his legs and he skidded across the ground on his face.

Question 6: What did Lenny make the second set of wings with?

Answer: Lenny made the second set of wings with wood and tissue paper.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

‘The wings may have been a little weak, but I know the shape is just right.’

(a) Who said these words to whom?

Answer: Lenny said these words to Rudy.

(b) What was the speaker talking about?

Answer: The speaker was talking about the wings he had made of wood and tissue paper.

(c) What did the person spoken to say in reply?

Answer: The speaker said it sounded like a bad idea to him.

Question 8: Describe the third set of wings.

Answer: The third set of wings was made of wax and balsa wood. There was a handle under each wing and a belt that went round the waist.

Question 9: Why did Lenny crash into trees?

Answer: The wax that Lenny had used to make the wings, started melting due to the sun’s heat. The wings became very small and Lenny started flying downwards and crashed into the trees.

Question 10: Why did Lenny decide to stop trying to fly?

Answer: Lenny decided to stop trying to fly because he realized that it was too rough on his body.

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