Rainmaking Questions & Answers

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Rainmaking Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Stumbled – lost balance
  • Loft – a room under the roof, sometimes used for storing things
  • Paddy fields – fields in which rice is grown
  • Courtyard – an open space in large houses, which is surrounded by buildings or walls
  • Wailing – crying loudly
  • Sympathies – showing that you understand and care about someone’s problems

Question 1: What was grandfather doing in the garden?

Answer: Grandfather was picking flowers from the jasmine bush under a sandalwood tree.

Question 2: How did Raja create rain?

Answer: It had rained heavily in the evening and leaves of the tree was full of raindrops. Raja quietly went near the sandalwood tree and shook it with all his strength. The raindrops resting on its leaves and branches fell onto them creating rain.

Question 3: Why did Raja run away from grandfather?

Answer: Raja got his grandfather wet by creating rain that made him angry. He ran away from grandfather because he was sure that his grandfather would catch him and beat him.

Question 4: Where did he run and hid?

Answer: Raja ran towards the paddy fields and hid there.

Question 5: What did Raja do after returning from the fields?

Answer: After returning from the fields, Raja was still afraid of facing grandfather. So, he did not go into the house but went to the cowshed and took shelter in the loft.

Question 6: Why was grandmother angry with grandfather?

Answer: Grandmother was angry with grandfather as he had frightened Raja and driven him away from the house.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

She started telling everyone what a good boy I was.

(a) Who is referred to as ‘She’?

Answer: Grandmother is referred to as ‘she’.

(b) Who was she speaking about?

Answer: She was speaking about Raja.

(c) Why was she telling everyone that he was a good boy?

Answer: She was telling everyone that he was a good boy because she had lost all hope of seeing Raja again.

Question 8: What news was spread among the neighbours? Why did everyone start crying?

Answer: The news of Raja missing from his house spread among the neighbours. When the women saw grandmother crying after the search parties returned without finding him, they lost all hope and started crying.

Question 9: Who finally found Raja? How did he bring the boy back to the house?

Answer: Raja’s uncle finally found him after returning home when he learnt of what was happening. He looked everywhere and guessed where raja was. He went to the cowshed and brought Raja into the house.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

‘I want him now. I cannot wait.’

(a) Who said these words to whom?

Answer: Grandfather said these words to God while he was praying.

(b) Why could the speaker not wait any longer?

Answer: Grandfather, the speaker was worried about Raja as he was missing for a very long time. So, he could not wait any longer.

(c) What happened after the speaker said these words?

Answer: After the speaker said these words, he opened his eyes and found Raja standing before him.

Question 11: What could Raja have done instead of hiding and making everyone worry about him?

Answer: Raja could have apologized to his grandfather instead of hiding and making everyone worry about him.

Question 12: What kind of a person was Raja’s grandfather? How was he different from grandmother?

Answer: Raja’s grandfather was a strict and strong-willed person.
Grandmother was soft-hearted and became very upset when Raja went missing while grandfather appear to stay strong.

So, these were Rainmaking Questions & Answers.