Hero Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Hero Questions & Answers.

This poem is written by Rabindranath Tagore. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of Twelfth Night or What You Will, A Horse and Two Goats and King Lear so, you can check these posts as well.

Hero Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The poet wants his mother to imagine that_______

a. they have become very rich
b. they are travelling through a strange and dangerous country
c. they have become the political leaders of their country

2. The poet imagines that his mother is sitting in a_______

a. horsecart
b. wagon
c. palanquin

3. The poet imagines that there are no_______ to be seen in the wide field.

a. cattle
b. farmers
c. crops

4. According to the poem, how does the mother feel when the narrator comes to her after the fight, all stained with blood?

a. happy and thankful
b. sad and depressed
c. angry and hateful

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

It grows dark and dim on the land and sky
and we cannot tell where we are going.

(a) Who are ‘we’ in the above lines?

Answer: ‘We’ are the boy, his mother, boy’s horse and four Palanquin bearers.

(b) What is the name of the wasteland being referred to in these lines?

Answer: The name of the wasteland being referred to in these lines is Joradighi.

(c) What does the mother ask the boy in darkness?

Answer: The mother asked the boy in darkness about the colour near the bank.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

The bearers, shaking in terror, hide themselves in the thorny bush.

(a) What are the bearers carrying?

Answer: The bearers are carrying palanquin.

(b) Why are the bearers shaking in terror?

Answer: The bearers are shaking in terror because they heard a fearful yell and saw some figures were coming towards them.

(c) On seeing this, what does the boy shout and tell his mother?

Answer: On seeing this, the boy shouts and tells his mother not to be afraid. He was here.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

But I come to you all stained with blood, and say,
“Mother, the fight is over now.”

(a) Why is the speaker stained with blood?

Answer: The speaker is stained with blood because he has fought with the villians (robbers) a fearful fight. Many of them fly and a great number are cut to pieces. So, the speaker is stained with blood.

(b) With whom has the boy fought?

Answer: The boy has fought with the villians (robbers) who came to loot them.

(c) What does the mother do to her son?

Answer: The mother comes out and kisses her son. She presses him to her heart and says to herself that she didn’t know what she should do if she hadn’t her boy to escort her.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

My brother would say, “Is it possible?
I always thought he was so delicate!”

(a) What does ‘it’ refer to in these lines?

Answer: In these lines, ‘it’ refers to the boy’s bravery, his courage, his heroic action.

(b) Who does the brother think was delicate?

Answer: The brother thought that his brother (the hero of this poem) was so delicate.

(c) What would the village people say on hearing about this journey?

Answer: On hearing about this journey, the village people would say that it was lucky that the boy was with his mother.

Hero Questions & Answers

Question 6: Describe the waste land through which the boy and his mother are travelling.

Answer: The boy and his mother are travelling through a strange and dangerous country. The land is barren and arid with the waste of Joradighi lying pale and grey before them. The land is full of spiky and prickly grass.

Question 7: Why is the mother apprehensive in the waste land?

Answer: The mother is apprehensive because they have reached a lonely, desolate spot and it is getting dark.

Question 8: What light is there near the bank?

Answer: The light of the robbers is there near the bank.

Question 9: The mother repeats the names of the gods in prayer. Why?

Answer: The mother repeats the names of the gods in prayer because she hears fearful yells and sees figures running towards them. She knows that they have been surrounded by danger.

Question 10: Explain: ‘it would be like a story in a book.’

Answer: The Hero thinks that if the story comes true it would be like a story from a book – a hero singlehandedly fighting robbers and being appreciated by the whole village.

Question 11: “Don’t be afraid, Mother, I am here.” Why does the speaker ask his mother not to be afraid? What does the speaker’s mother do to stop him?

Answer: The speaker asks his mother not to be afraid before on seeing the frightful and strange land before them, the speaker’s mother is afraid and wondering where they have come to. The land and the sky have become dark and dim and they do not know where they are going.

Question 12: Describe the fight between the speaker and the dacoits.

Answer: When the dacoits attack, the speaker on his horse gallops towards them and they fight fiercely. Many of the dacoits run away in terror and many are cut to pieces by the speaker. By the time the fight is done, the speaker is all covered in blood.

Question 13: What does the speaker want to prove? How does he want to prove that?

Answer: The speaker wants to prove that he is courageous, brave and has enough strength and nerve to tackle the enemies and save his mother.

He proves this by showing his valour and bravery by spurring on his horse and making it go faster with his sword and buckler clashing against each other. He fights the dacoits with all his strength and might. The fight becomes very dangerous and many of the dacoits run away in fear of being defeated by the speaker.

Question 14: What does the speaker expect his brother and the village people to say after the fight?

Answer: The speaker expects his brother to wonder in disbelief that if the entire thing was actually possible since he thought his brother was too delicate –

“Is it possible? I always thought he was so delicate.” The village people on the other hand would be thankful and say that it was fortunate that the boy was with his mother – “Was it not lucky that the boy was with his mother?”

Question 15: Why do you think the speaker says, A thousand useless things happen day after day and why couldn’t such a thing come true by chance? What does this tell you about the speaker?

Answer: The speaker here wonders if so many unimportant and unnecessary events can take place every day, why can’t the situation which he is imagining come true. He wants this imaginary situation to come true. This tells us that the speaker is imaginative, creative and insightful.

Question 16: Why do you think the speaker dreams about being a hero? Is this something he can do in real life?

Answer: The speaker dreams of being a hero because he wants to impress his mother by rescuing her. She wants her to be proud of him. The speaker would probably to be able to do such a thing in real life.

So, these were Hero Questions & Answers.

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