A Horse and Two Goats Questions & Answers

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A Horse and Two Goats Questions & Answers

Question 1: Give the meaning of the word’ Kritam’ in Tamil. Where did Muni live in the village?

Answer: Kritam in Tamil means ‘coronet’ or ‘crown’. Muni along with his wife lived in one of the huts.

Question 2: Give a brief description of the village Kritam.

Answer: Kritam, meaning ‘crown’ or ‘coronet’ in Tamil, is one of the smallest of India’s seven hundred thousand villages. It is a village that has fewer than thirty houses. Most of the houses are made of bamboo, thatch, straw and mud. The only sophisticated residence in the village is the Big House built from brick and cement.

Question 3: Describe the ‘Big House’.

Answer: The Big House was the only sophisticated residence in the village made from brick and cement. It was painted in a brilliant yellow and blue colour. There were paintings of gods and gargoyles on several posts.

Question 4: How many sheep and goats did Muni have in his prosperous days. What happened to most of them later?

Answer: In his prosperous days, Muni had a flock of 40 sheep and goats. Most of them had died due to years of drought, great famine and an epidemic. Now he is left with only two goats.

Question 5: Where did Muni usually go to graze his goats? Where would he rest?

Answer: Muni usually went to the highway to let his goats graze. While he was there, he would sit on a pedestal at the base of a life-sized clay statue of a horse.

A Horse and Two Goats Questions & Answers

Question 6: What was Muni craving for?

Answer: Muni was fed up with eating drumstick leaves alone. He had a craving to relish them with sauce for a change.

Question 7: Explain why the shopkeeper was reluctant to give Muni any items on credit.

Answer: Muni tried to convince the shopkeeper to give him items on credit by engaging in conversation and laughing at his jokes. This time however he refused. He showed Muni a ledger of past debts that he owed and told him to clear them before asking for credit.

Question 8: From where did Muni say that he would get money?

Answer: Muni said that his daughter would be giving him money for his fiftieth birthday. The shopkeeper did not believe him because he appeared to be almost seventy.

Question 9: Describe the statue of the horse.

Answer: The statue of the horse was life-sized and moulded out of clay. It was as white as a dhobi-washed sheet and had on its back a cover of pure brocade of red and black lace.

Question 10: What did Muni see on the highway? Why did it stop?

Answer: Muni saw a yellow station wagon coming towards him down the highway. The car had run out of gas and had come to a stop on the road in front of the statue.

Question 11: Looking at the clothes of the foreigner, what did Muni think he could be?

Answer: The foreigner was wearing khaki clothes. It made Muni think that he was a policeman.

A Horse and Two Goats Questions & Answers

Question 12: Explain why Muni spoke about the murder with the foreigner.

Answer: Muni mistook the foreigner’s khaki dress and thought the foreigner was a policeman who had arrived to investigate the dead body that was found on the border of Kritam and a neighbouring village. Muni thought that the foreigner had come to arrest him.

Question 13: How does Muni react when the American gives him his business card?

Answer: Muni feared that he was going to be arrested and that the business card was a warrant for his arrest, so he stepped back He was immediately suspicious and afraid.

Question 14: How did the American businessman conclude that Muni was the owner of the statue?

Answer: The American concluded that Muni was the owner as he was sitting on the pedestal of the horse statue and when the American asked about it Muni gave an explanation of its history and origin.

Question 15: How did Muni’s wife react when she saw the money?

Answer: Muni’s wife was furious on seeing the hundred rupee note and accused Muni of stealing it. She threatened to leave him and return to her parents’ house.

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