Max’s Words Questions & Answers

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Max’s Words Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Hugs – put the arms around tightly to show affection
  • Separate – to divide
  • Admire – to praise
  • Edge – narrow border
  • Hiss – to make sound of‘s’
  • Grinned – smile broadly so as to show the teeth
  • Darted – quick, sudden movement
  • Favourite – like something a lot
  • Sorted – to separate into group

Max’s Words Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Karl like collecting?

Answer: Karl liked collecting coins.

Question 2: Read the line and answer the questions:

‘You don’t have enough,’ said Karl.

(a) Who did Karl say these words to?

Answer: Karl said these words to Max.

(b) What did the listener did not have enough of?

Answer: Max did not have enough words.

(c) What happened immediately after this point in the story?

Answer: Max sorted through his words, picked out a few and began arranging them on the floor.

Question 3: What were the different types of words that Max collected? Give a few examples of each.

Answer: Max collected small words such as a, the, to, and. Soon, he found bigger words such as hungry alligator crocodile. He collected words that made him feel good and things he liked to eat- park, dogs, hugs, bananas, pancakes. He gathered words that were spoken to him such as good morning, good bye. He took words that he did not know from the dictionary such as slithered, iguana. He also collected his favourite colours – green, blue, brown.

Question 4: What story did the three brothers create?

Answer: The three brothers created a story about a little worm escaping a hungry crocodile.

Question 5: Read the line and answer the questions:

‘Oh, all right,’ thy said.

(a) Who spoke these words and to whom?

Answer: Karl and Benjamin said these words to Max.

(b) What did they agree to?

Answer: They agreed to give Max a stamp and a coin.

(c) What did they get in return?

Answer: In return, each of them got some words.

Max’s Words Questions & Answers

Question 6: How did Benjamin and Karl react after learning about Max’s hobby?

Answer: Benjamin and Karl were not impressed. Benjamin laughed and both he and Karl refused to give Max stamps and coins in exchange of words.

Question 7: What kind of a boy was Max? Write a few sentences about him.

Answer: Max was a clever boy, who realized that he had to collect something that would be fun and useful. He not only collected words but used them to create a story. He was an intelligent and imaginative person.

Question 8: What does this story show about the power of words?

Answer: Words are powerful and they improve vocabulary. In this story, Max and his brothers enjoyed Max’s collection of words and they started making a beautiful story. Playing with words is always fun.

Question 9: Do you think Max’s idea of collecting words is unique?

Answer: I think Max’s idea of collecting words is unique because rarely does one get such an idea. Max is not only imaginative but is also intelligent.

So, these were Max’s Words Questions & Answers.

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