Flying South Questions & Answers

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Flying South Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Probably – almost certainly
  • Excitedly – eagerly
  • Ensure – make sure
  • Injured – wounded
  • Mean – unkind
  • Ranger – a keeper of a forest
  • Crate – here, a large wooden box for transporting the goose
  • Flock – here, a group of geese

Flying South Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Father say when he saw the injured goose?

Answer: The father said that it was a snow goose who was probably flying south for the winter with the other geese. His wing was injured and he needed food.

Question 2: What did Molly want to do with the goose?

Answer: Molly wanted to keep him forever as a pet.

Question 3: What did Jim want to do with the goose once his wing healed?

Answer: Jim wanted to let the goose fly south when his wing get healed.

Question 4: Why did Mother suggest to Molly to write to an airline?

Answer: The mother suggested to Molly to write to an airline to get a crate for the goose.

Question 5: Why did the ranger put a band around the leg of the goose?

Answer: The ranger put a band around the leg of the goose to recognise it if they ever see it again.

Question 6: Suppose that the goose comes back to Jim and Molly after a year. What do you think will happen then?

Answer: Jim and Molly would be surprised and happy to get back the goose. They would keep it as a pet and nurture it with great love and care.

So, these were Flying South Questions & Answers.

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