Money Cannot Give Happiness Questions & Answers

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Money Cannot Give Happiness Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who was Midas?

Answer: Midas was a very greedy king.

Question 2: What did God give to Midas?

Answer: God blessed him with a boon to turn anything into gold.

Question 3: How did King Midas get the boon?

Answer: The King worshipped God and the God became pleased with him. He told the king to ask for a boon and the king was blessed with a boon to turn a thing into gold.

Question 4: Why did Midas became sad?

Answer: After getting the boon, whatever the king touched, it turned into gold. He touched his bed that turned into gold, his entire palace turned into gold. He touched his food, a glassful water that also turned into gold. Now, he could neither eat, nor drink. When his son came to him, he touched him and he also turned into golden statue. The king became very sad.

Question 5: What did God do seeing the grief of Midas?

Answer: Seeing the grief of Midas, God took back the boon.

Question 6: Can money give happiness?

Answer: No, the money cannot give happiness. Even when the king got the boon of turning anything into gold, he was not happy and he prayed to God to take back the boon.

Question 7: What happened to the king after God took back the boon?

Answer: When God took back the boon, the king got freed from greed. He became very kind to his people and realized that money cannot give happiness.

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