A Dog Loves Cakes Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share A Dog Loves Cakes Questions & Answers.

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A Dog Loves Cakes Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who is Mr. Sameer’s best friend?

Answer: His dog Sheru is Mr. Sameer’s best friend.

Question 2: When does Mr. Sameer get up in the morning?

Answer: Mr. Sameer gets up late in the morning.

Question 3: Who goes out for a walk with Mr. Sameer?

Answer: Mr. Sameer’s dog Sheru goes out for a walk with him.

Question 4: When Mr. Sameer drinks coffee, what does Sheru do?

Answer: When Mr. Sameer drinks coffee, Sheru sits under his chair.

Question 5: Who brings Mr. Sameer’s newspaper home? How does he bring it?

Answer: Sheru brings Mr. Sameer’s newspaper home. He holds the newspaper softly between his teeth and carries it home.

Question 6: What did the doctor tell Mr. Sameer?

Answer: The doctor told Mr. Sameer that he had got the flu.

Question 7: Why did Mr. Sameer give a two rupees coin to Sheru? Did he get the newspaper?

Answer: Mr. Sameer gave a two rupees coin to Sheru to bring newspaper for him when he got the flu and could not go out to get it for himself. Yes, he got the newspaper.

Question 8: What did the newspaper man tell Mr. Sameer?

Answer: The newspaper man told Mr. Sameer that his dog, Sheru had taken seven newspapers but didn’t bring any money.

Question 9: How did Sheru show that he was sorry?

Answer: Sheru hung his head in shame to show that he was sorry.

Question 10: What did Mr. Sameer do then?

Answer: Mr. Sameer then patted his dog Sheru and asked him not to do this again.

Question 11: Fill in the blanks:

1. One day Sheru’s master gives him a big slice of cake.
2. Mr Sameer lives in his cottage.
3. Sheru sits under his master’s chair.
4. Mr. Sameer crosses the road and buys the newspaper dally.
5. Sheru holds the newspaper between his teeth.
6. His face seems to glow.

Question 12: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Sheru likes coffee more than cake – False
2. Mr. Sameer is an old man – True
3. Mr. Sameer does not follow the same routine everyday – False
4. One day Mr. Sameer fell ill – True
5. The dog Sheru is shameless – False

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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