My Donkey Sally Questions & Answers

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My Donkey Sally Questions & Answers

Question 1: When did Gerry decide that he wanted a donkey?

Answer: After attending Katrina’s wedding, Gerry decided that he wanted a donkey.

Question 2: How did he try to convince his mother to fulfill his desire? Did she seem convinced? Point out the portion in the story that tells you so?

Answer: Gerry tried to convince his mother by telling that he would forgo all other gifts for his birthday if he was gifted a donkey. No, she didn’t seem to be convinced because she told that she would see.

Question 3: What did Costas think the bamboo house was for? Was Gerry convinced by his argument?

Answer: Costas thought that the bamboo house was built to keep plants in it or to store sweet potatoes for the winter. No, Gerry was not convinced by his argument because he went to ask once again to his mother.

Question 4: Describe the curious things that started happening in the house the day before Gerry’s birthday?

Answer: The day before Gerry’s birthday, everybody started acting in a slightly strange manner. Larry went about the house shouting ‘Tantivy’ and ‘Tally-ho’ as hunting slogans. Margo kept running about the house carrying mysterious bundles under her arm. Even Leslie and Spiro kept going into secret meetings in the garden.

My Donkey Sally Questions & Answers

Question 5: How was the donkey decked up? Who decorated her?

Answer: The donkey was dressed in coloured crepe paper. Christmas decorations and three enormous feathers were attached between its large ears. The donkey was decked up by Margo.

Question 6: What did the donkey do as soon as it walked into Gerry’s room? How did Gerry react?

Answer: The donkey came galloping into Gerry’s room. Gerry was surprised by seeing the donkey.

Question 7: When was the real purpose of the hut revealed? Did it serve its function well?

Answer: The real purpose of the hut was revealed when Gerry got a donkey as his birthday present. Yes, it served its function well because the donkey was kept inside the hut for a while and it was very splendid and big for her.

Question 8: Describe briefly the change in Gerry’s attitude towards his family after he received the gift.

Answer: After receiving the gift, Gerry was filled with delight. He thought that his family was very noble and kind.

My Donkey Sally Questions & Answers

Question 9: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“What does Mother want with a bamboo house?”

(a) Who was Gerry addressing?

Answer: Gerry was addressing to Costas, the brother of their maid.

(b) What was the listener’s opinion about the house?

Answer: Costas was of the opinion that the hut was built to keep plants in it or to store sweet potatoes for the winter.

(c) Did Gerry believe what the listener said?

Answer: No, Gerry did not believe what Costas had said.

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“You remember Katerina’s donkey that you liked so much? Well, this is her baby.”

(a) Who said this to whom?

Answer: Margo said this to Gerry.

(b) How did the baby donkey look?

Answer: The baby donkey was rich dark brown, almost plum colour with enormous ears like lilies, white socks over tiny polished hooves as neat as dancer’s shoes. Running along her back was a broad black cross. Round each great shining eye she had a neat white circle.

(c) What did she remind Gerry of?

Answer: Margo reminded Gerry of the donkey which he had seen in the Katerina’s wedding.

So, these were My Donkey Sally Questions & Answers.

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