My Friend and I Questions & Answers

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My Friend and I Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Flickering – Nervous movement
  • Wisps – long, thin and delicate bunches
  • Frizzy – hair with small tight, stiff curls
  • Halo – a circle of light shown around a person’s head
  • Blushed – showed shyness or embarrassment by becoming red in the face
  • Fidgeting – making small movements, especially of the hands and feet, nervously
  • Beholder – a person who looks at something or someone
  • Qualms – a feeling of doubt or uncertainty
  • Aisle – a passage between the rows of seats

Question 1: How did Vijaylakshmi’s friend react to her mean friends?

Answer: Vijaylakshmi’s friend, Indira reacted to her mean friends with courage and confidence.

Question 2: In what way is Viji is different from her friend?

Answer: Viji and Indira both were dark complexioned but Indira had straight hair and shining eyes. She also was more confident than the frizzy haired Viji.

Question 3: What does Viji’s friend mean when she says black is beautiful?

Answer: She meant to say that beauty is not dependent on complexion. Blacks can be as beautiful as whites because beauty is subjective and depends on how others see our outer and inner self.

Question 4: How can we say that Viji’s friend was confident?

Answer: We can say so because she had no qualms about being called ‘blackie’. In fact, she went to some mean girls and talked confidently to them.

Question 5: Explain: Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

Answer: Beauty is subjective. It depends on the perception of the viewer. What may be lovely to one may appear ugly to another. So, it is the wisdom and sensitivity of the beholder that reflects the beauty of a person or a thing.

Question 6: Why did Viji write about a friend when she didn’t have one?

Answer: Viji did so because she desired to be a confident and courageous girl and she put all these qualities in Indira. Her imaginary friend, Indira was all that Vijaylakshmi ever wanted to be.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

(a) What gives Vijaylakshmi the confidence to do various activities such as win races, cook, swim and so forth?

Answer: The support of a friend, though an imaginary one, gives Vijaylakshmi the confidence to do all this.

(b) Is Viji with a friend when she does all these? Why does she say so?

Answer: No, she is actually alone when she does all this but because of her deep desire of support and friendship, she says so.

(c) How does imagining a friend make Viji feel?

Answer: Imagining a friend makes Viji feel confident and courageous.

(d) Do you feel sorry for Viji? Give a reason for your answer.

Answer: Yes, I do feel sorry for Viji because she was lonely and friendless because of her dark complexion. Thus, she had to invent an imaginary friend Indira.

Question 8: Do you think Viji was upset because she had no friend?

Answer: I do feel Viji was lonely and felt upset when the teacher asked about her friend who actually didn’t exist!

Question 9: Which part of the story tells us that the two friends show the thoughts that go through Viji’s mind?

Answer: The part when Viji says she can confidently jump into the deep portion of the pool or climb tall trees with Indira but not without her.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

She held out her hand and said warmly, ‘Yes you do, Viji! Me!

(a) Who spoke these words?

Answer: Nimmi Khanna, the most popular girl in the class spoke these words.

(b) Why did she hold out her hand?

Answer: She held out her hand to make friends with Viji.

(c) How can you think Viji would have felt on hearing these words?

Answer: Viji must have felt delighted on hearing these words because now she finally had a real friend who was brave enough to cut across colour prejudices.

So, these were My Friend and I Questions & Answers.

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