Walter Questions & Answers

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Walter Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who was Sarah and whom did she love?

Answer: Sarah was a young girl living in New York having typing skills, she struggled to make a living in New York. She loved a young man named Walter who was the son of a farmer.

Question 2: Why was Sarah unhappy?

Answer: As Sarah and Walter had decided to marry in the spring time which was round the corner but there was no news about Walter nor had any letters come from him. Thus, Sarah was very unhappy.

Question 3: What contract did she make with Schulenburg’s Home restaurant?

Answer: Sarah made a contract with Schulenburg’s Home Restaurant that she will type twenty-one sets of menu cards daily and in return, the restaurant would provide her free meals in her room itself.

Question 4: Why did dandelions play an important role in the story?

Answer: Dandelions played an important role in the story because they were a memento of love for Sarah as Walter had decorated Sarah’s hair with dandelions when she had gone to visit the farm for the first time.

Question 5: What helped Walter to find Sarah?

Answer: When Sarah was typing the menu cards they read “Dandelions with hardboiled egg”. She was transported down the memory lane and she typed “Dearest Walter with hard boiled eggs” and when Walter saw this, he knew that Sarah was around. Also, her typewriter always typed the “W” in a particular way that Walter recognized.

Question 6: Explain: The world was her oyster.

Answer: Sarah had managed her world and life by typing the menu cards for Schulenburg’s Home Restaurant and had thus made a living.

Question 7: Explain: “A spring time smile”.

Answer: As spring season is a time when everything in the nature seems to be happy and also the previous spring, Sarah and Walter had their first meeting when they fell in love and decided to marry each other. In the next spring that is now, when they met after a long time which was the happiest moment for them. Thus, Sarah had a spring time smile.

Question 8: What fate had in store for the visitors?

Answer: Here, the author means to say that according to the raw materials present in the restaurant, the list of the food items for the next day was prepared and sent to Sarah with her meal. This menu card helped the visitors to choose their meal.

So, these were Walter Questions & Answers.

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