Tryst With Destiny Questions & Answers

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Tryst With Destiny Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Tryst – Promise
  • Redeem – Fulfil
  • Destiny – Fate, course of time
  • Solemn – Serious
  • Grandeur – Magnificence
  • Striving – Make great effort to achieve or obtain something
  • Sovereign – Elected
  • Isolated fragments – Broken pieces
  • Endured – Faced
  • Petty – of little importance

Question 1: What according to Pandit Nehru was the tryst with destiny that Indians made?

Answer: According to Pandit Nehru, the tryst or promise with destiny that Indians made was to make India free from the British rule and eradicate poverty and hunger and let Indians live a new life with full freedom.

Question 2: How can you say that Pandit Nehru was an internationalist?

Answer: Pandit Nehru was an internationalist as in his speech he speaks about humanity in general and about the eradication of poverty and hunger not only in India but in the whole world. He says that the world cannot be divided and miseries transcend boundaries.

Question 3: Why does he say that the pledge is not being redeemed wholly?

Answer: Pandit Nehru says so because although India became independent, India had to face partition which created a violence and thousands were killed or made homeless.

Question 4: Who according to the author is ‘The greatest man of our generation’. What is his ambition and desire?

Answer: According to Pt. Nehru, Gandhiji was the greatest man of that generation. His ambition and desire was to work very hard to cure the pain and suffering of all and to wipe every tear from every eye.

Question 5: What does he mean by “Freedom and power bring responsibility”?

Answer: By this, he means to say that rights and duties go hand in hand, and as India had gained independence, its leaders and citizens had to be more responsible.

Question 6: Have we Indians been successful in achieving what our founding fathers had envisaged? Explain.

Answer: No, we haven’t been able to wipe every tear from every eye. There is poverty, discrimination still prevailing and the safety of the women is also a big concern. We have certainly made progress but a lot remains to be done.

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