Kabir Questions & Answers

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Kabir Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Loom – a machine for weaving
  • Hymns – a religious song sung in the praise of God
  • Abandoned – left carelessly in a cruel way
  • Leisure – free hours or free time
  • Trod – stepped
  • Meddled – interfered in something that is not
  • Astonishment – great surprise
  • Dwells – lives
  • Influence – effect
  • Hypocrisy – a behaviour in which a person pretends to have goodness
  • Doctrines – philosophy
  • Feeble – weak

Question 1: Who looked after Kabir in his childhood?

Answer: Kabir was looked after and brought up by a Muslim weaver named Niru and Nima, who was his wife.

Question 2: How was Kabir different from other weavers?

Answer: Kabir was different from other weavers as while working, he used to sing hymns and in his leisure hours, he always liked to be in the company of holy men.

Question 3: Why had Kabir to think of a plan to attract Ramananda’s attention?

Answer: Kabir’s greatest desire was to make Ramananda his spiritual guide but he was scared that the great religious teacher would not accept him as a disciple, as Ramananda was a brahmin and Kabir was a Muslim so, he hit upon a plan on attracting the saint’s attention.

Question 4: What was the plan? How did it work out?

Answer: Kabir planned to lie down on one of the steps to the ghat as he knew Ramananda would go early in the morning to bathe in the sacred ganges.

One dark night, Kabir lay down on the steps of the river ghat and as usual Ramananda came down the steps before the day break for his bath and stepped on Kabir uttering “Ram, Ram” which Kabir considered as his guru mantra and caught his guru’s feet. Ramananda accepted him as his disciple.

Question 5: What did Kabir compose? Mention the theme of one of his songs?

Answer: Kabir composed numerous songs which are in the form of dohas. The theme of one of his songs is Ram and Rahim are one, Hari dwells in the east, Allah dwells in the west. Search your heart for there you will find him. He is neither in the temple nor in the mosque. If you are a true seeker, you will at once see him in your heart.

Question 6: What was the central theme of Kabir’s teachings?

Answer: The central theme of Kabir’s teachings was that he laid stress on bhakti. He said that with true devotion, one could come near to God, one could be released from the cycle of birth and death only by sincere love and devotion to God. He hated pretence and hypocrisy.

Question 7: Why were both the Hindus and the Muslims opposed to Kabir in the beginning?

Answer: In the beginning, the Hindus opposed him because he was a Muslim who they thought meddled with their religion and Muslims opposed him because he had adopted some Hindu doctrines.

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