My Nation Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share My Nation Questions & Answers.

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My Nation Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where are the Himalayas?

Answer: The Himalayas are in the North of India.

Question 2: In which direction does the Bay of Bengal lie?

Answer: The Bay of Bengal lies in the East direction.

Question 3: Where do children go?

Answer: The children go to school.

Question 4: Whose creation makes our nation beautiful?

Answer: God’s creation makes our nation beautiful.

Question 5: Why is our nation diverse?

Answer: Our nation is diverse because people here have different cultures, they speak many languages but there are no differences.

Question 6: Why is our nation modern?

Answer: Our nation is modern because all the children go to school and no one here breaks any rule. Moreover, men and women work together to make our nation better.

Question 7: Put the letters in right order to make a word beginning with the first given letter.

2. AYB – BAY
3. SAE – SEA

Question 8: Write the correct answers:

1. Arabian sea is in the West.
2. Bay of Bengal is in the East.
3. Himalayas are in the North.
4. Indian Ocean is in the South.

Question 9: Fill in the blanks with the words that rhyme:

1. Culturecapture, feature, nature, fracture
2. Creationnation, station, vacation, migration
3. Rulefool, stool, mule, school

So, these were My Nation Questions & Answers.

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