My Sweet Memories Questions & Answers

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My Sweet Memories Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Vacation – holiday
  • Excited – thrilled
  • Numerous – many
  • Lush – fresh
  • Scarecrow – a human like object in old clothes
  • Laden – weighed down with a load
  • Swaying – move or cause to move slowly
  • Threshing – separating grain
  • Splashing – sound made by something striking into water
  • Pebbles – small smooth and round stones

Question 1: Name some of the activities of the village children during their vacation.

Answer: During vacations, the village children help their parents in farming and cattle grazing, milking cows, they play with their friends, climb trees and pluck fruits. Some children also go to their relatives’ houses.

Question 2: Did Santhosh enjoy his morning walk? How do you know?

Answer: Yes, Santhosh enjoyed his morning walk because at that time the cool breeze was pleasant, the coconut palms were swaying. The air was filled with the sweet sound of birds all over singing in their sweet voices and the most enchanting was the cuckoo’s song.

Question 3: How did Santhosh spend his time when he went to the canal?

Answer: Santhosh played for some time in the cool water. He could not swim so, he sat on a big smooth rock and watched his friends swimming like fish.

Question 4: How did Santhosh know that the canal was so clean?

Answer: Santhosh knew that the canal was so clean as he could see the pebbles and colourful fish swimming by.

Question 5: Why did Santhosh forget to watch television or play video/mobile games?

Answer: Santhosh forgot to watch television or play video/mobile games as he was engaged in many other interesting activities and was enjoying the time in nature.

Question 6: Is T.V. or video/mobile game the only way to pass time? Can we do something else?

Answer: No, TV. or video/mobile game is not the only way to pass time. We can spend our time in many other ways like – playing with friends outdoor, visit our relatives, learn swimming, read books, do gardening, etc.

Question 7: Choose the correct option:

1. Santhosh went to _____________.

(a) Ramapuram
(b) Krishnapuram
(c) Rangapuram

2. The paddy fields were __________in colour.

(a) white
(b) green
(c) blue

3. _____________ helped his father in milking the cows.

(a) Peter
(b) Sruthi
(c) Aman

4. The girls were playing near a _____________ tree.

(a) banyan
(b) coconut
(c) neem

5. Santhosh returned home on ________________.

(a) April 24th
(b) April 28th
(c) June 11th

So, these were My Sweet Memories Questions & Answers.