On Being Sarah Questions & Answers

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On Being Sarah Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Tumbled around – tossed around
  • Cerebral palsy – a medical condition in which the limbs and muscles are affected because of damage to the brain
  • Shudder – shake with some strong emotion like fear, anger or disgust

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Sarah knew about the other children like in her…….

i. family
ii. society
iii. school
iv. none of these

(b) Sarah learnt to………

i. hide and seek
ii. use symbols
iii. sing and dance
iv. none of these

(c) The board had………….

i. three symbols
ii. three hundred symbols
iii. three thousand symbols
iv. none of these

Question 2: Write true or false:

(a) Sarah got handicapped due to an accident – False
(b) The Blissymbols did not help Sarah – False
(c) Sarah used to cry in frustration – False
(d) Sarah did not want her mother to tell what had happened when she was a baby – False
(e) Mrs. Brady made the Blissymbol board for Sarah – True

Question 3: Fill in the blanks:

(a) A woman named Mrs. Brady had come to the house twice a week to give Sarah exercise.
(b) She would shudder inside when she heard the noise but no words at all that come out.
(c) At school, she had learnt to talk with symbols.
(d) She could not speak a single word to them.
(e) The doctor told me you had cerebral palsy.

On Being Sarah Questions & Answers

Question 4: Who was Sarah? What was she suffering from?

Answer: Sarah was a handicapped girl. She was suffering from cerebral palsy. It is a disability which occurs during or before the birth of a child which is caused by brain damage. It was due to this that Sarah’s brain could not send right signals to most of her muscles as a result of which they could not move and function properly. This included the muscles that she needed for talking.

Question 5: Why did Sarah get frustrate? What did she do then?

Answer: Sarah could not speak a single word to her loved ones. She failed to express herself in words due to her disability (cerebral palsy). She used to struggle to speak but her inability filled her with frustration and this made her cry.

Question 6: Who had helped Sarah to be interactive?

Answer: Sarah’s mother helped her to be interactive.

Question 7: What did Sarah learn instead of the alphabet? What were they called?

Answer: Sarah learnt symbols instead of the alphabets. They were called Blissymbols.

Question 8: How did bliss symbol change Sarah’s life?

Answer: Blissymbols changed Sarah’s life because they enabled her to communicate her thoughts and feelings using the different symbols and signs used on the Blissboard. Before the knowledge of Blissymbols, her life was full of frustration.

On Being Sarah Questions & Answers

Question 9: In what ways Sarah’s mother helped her?

Answer: Sarah’s mother never lost hope. She always encouraged Sarah. She decorated the kitchens walls with symbols so that Sarah could practice with her. She always supported Sarah and communicated with her continuously. She told Sarah the story of her birth which helped Sarah understand things better.

Question 10: What kind of a person was Sarah’s mother?

Answer: Sarah’s mother was a very strong and optimistic lady. She accepted the situations as it came to her and handled it in a very positive way. She was very loving, caring and patient in her approach. She readily accepted Sarah’s disability but never gave up hope. She became her daughter’s strength and helped her in every possible way to learn to communicate using sign language.

Question 11: Do you think Sarah was a brave girl? Justify your answer.

Answer: Sarah was definitely a brave girl. She was aware of her disability but she never lost hope. Initially, before the introduction of the Blissymbols, Sarah was filled with frustration as she failed to communicate although she wanted to. But once she began going to school and got introduced to symbol language, she gained confidence in herself and began focusing on her strengths rather than weaknesses. She began having a very optimistic approach towards life and was confident in herself that she was going to be someone in the world.

Question 12: What do you know about Sarah’s strengths?

Answer: Sarah’s greatest strength was her ability to see and move her fingers to point at the symbols which helped her to communicate. Even her mother was one of her biggest strengths who always encouraged her in her endeavors and rendered all possible help and support to learn to communicate using symbols. She never made her feel weak and disabled. Thirdly the teacher who taught her in schools to use Blissymbols was also her strength who changed her life and taught her to communicate.

So, these were On Being Sarah Questions & Answers.

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