The Palindrome Questions & Answers

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The Palindrome Questions & Answers

Question 1: Was the holy man pleased with Tenali Raman? How did he help Tenali Raman?

Answer: The holy man was pleased by Tenali Raman because he was good at teaching the mantra of pleasing the goddess and the way of getting boon from the goddess.

Question 2: Why did the elders of the village warn Tenali Raman’s mother about him?

Answer: The elders of the village warned Tenali Raman’s mother about him because he was very naughty, mischievous and was always playing pranks on other people for fun. The angry elders warned his mother that he would be cast out from the village if he did not put an end to his behavior.

Question 3: Why is Tenali Raman famous?

Answer: Tenali Raman was a court jester in King Krishnadevaraya’s court. He is famous for his witty answers, wise judgements and intelligent suggestion. Tenali was to krishnadevaraya what Birbal was to Akbar.

Question 4: Why did Tenali burst into laughter on seeing the goddess?

Answer: On seeing the goddess, Tenali burst into laughter because a funny thought took control of him. He was wondering what the goddess did when she had a cold, because if human beings find it so difficult to deal with one nose during a cold, how would the goddess manage with a thousand runny noses.

The Palindrome Questions & Answers

Question 5: How did Tenali please the goddess?

Answer: The goddess thought she was cursing Tenali when she said that he would have to earn his living as a court jester. She thought Tenali would repent his action. Instead, Tenali remained unfazed and said that he quite liked the idea because the title which the goddess gave him was a palindrome. The goddess was struck by Tenali’s wit, knowledge and attitude.

Question 6: How do you think Tenali managed to change a curse into a boon?

Answer: Tenali changed a curse into a boon with his sense of humour, his wit, his attitude and his knowledge. He pleased the goddess saying that the title she suggested for him was a palindrome. Tenali saw humour even in a curse.

Question 7: “How will I face my mother?” Why was it so difficult for Tenali to face his mother?

Answer: Despite the lessons and the training, Tenali received from the holy man, he did not know how to make a living. He thought if he returned home without having become something, his mother would be much disappointed in him.

Question 8: On the basis of the story, write a brief character sketch of Tenali Raman.

Answer: Right from childhood, it was evident that Tenali Raman was no ordinary boy. While he was very mischievous and used to get on everyone’s nerves, it was amply clear that he was intelligent with an active and energetic brain. It was, therefore, not surprising that under the right guidance, Tenali proved himself a brilliant student. His teacher as very pleased with him. Tenali was not a person who would believe anything without thinking about it or without questioning it. We see how he is able to laugh even at the goddess. Thus, religious belief for Tenali is not greater or stronger than reason and rationality. Also, he comes across as an extremely confident and is not coward. Wit and humour play a very important role for him, as was evident in his later life as a “vikatakavi”.

So, these were The Palindrome Questions & Answers.

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