The Little Green Orchard Questions & Answers

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Composed by Sir Walter de la Mare, the poem ‘The Little Green Orchard’ tells us about the poet’s experiences when he enters the orchard one fine afternoon. In this poem, the poet tries to create an eerie and suspense environment by mentioning that he felt the presence of someone all the time in the orchard although there was no one to be seen all around.

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The Little Green Orchard Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The mood of ‘The Little Green Orchard’ is………..

i. adventurous
ii. one of peace and solitude
iii. eerie and scary

(b) The poet feels the presence of someone………….

i. all the time.
ii. when ‘the twilight’s falling softly’.
iii. when the sun is high in noon’s unclouded sky.

(c) In the lines ‘when you are most alone, All but the silence gone …’ then……..

i. the silence makes you feel afraid.
ii. someone appears in the silence.
iii. only silence surrounds you.

Question 2: What kinds of sounds does the poet observe in the little green orchard?

Answer: The poet observes that sun shining high in the unclouded sky, the bees flying from one flower to next, the light of the setting sun, the dew drops filling the flower-cups, the blackbirds flying back to their nest, the moon shining bright and the moths and snail becoming active at night. He hears the faint sound of the bees as it flies, the chirping of the blackbirds as they fly back to their nests and above all he could clearly hear the loud sound of silence prevailing in the orchard.

Question 3: Why does the poet think that someone is always sitting there in the little green orchard?

Answer: According to the poem, the poet feels that someone is always sitting there because it is a lonely place and he can hear soft voices at night which makes the poet feels that someone is always sitting, watching and waiting there.

Question 4: Why did the poet compare moths to the ghosts?

Answer: The poet has compared the moths to ‘ghosts’ because they appear like ghosts and are most active during the late hours of night when the moon had shed its light everywhere.

Question 5: How many times does the phrase ‘In the little green orchard’ repeated in the poem? What is the significance?

Answer: ‘In the little green orchard’ has been repeated eight times. Its repetition reminds us constantly of the image of the orchard and also, details are added to this image every time the line is repeated.

Question 6: Write two pairs of rhyming words.

Answer: bright – light; come – home

So, these were The Little Green Orchard Questions & Answers.

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